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  1. BuckRut

    MT- faster draw, bigger licenses, at home printing

    Wouldn't adding $5-$10 dollars to a tag to cover the printing cost work way better than this?
  2. BuckRut

    Montana resident looking to use my points.

    With all the opportunity available with the general tag I would just keep praying on the 380 tag. I personally had the funnest elk season I have ever had the year before last when I drew the tag. That hunt is an experience like I haven't found anywhere else in the state. It is not an easy...
  3. BuckRut

    AZ late season

    I'm in the exact same boat. You looking at the late rifle or late archery hunts?
  4. BuckRut

    University mascots

    Not from Chinook but suprised they don't complain about being called the Sugarbeeters.
  5. BuckRut

    Hunting boots

    Grease them and waterproof them at least once a year. Make sure the grease you use is approved for Gore Tex since some of them can hurt the breath-ability of the boots.
  6. BuckRut

    Finding Reloading Data for old Bullets

    Look for a book called "The Complete Reloading Manual for the .338 Win Mag". These little books exist for almost every caliber and they are like little pamphlets with the pages from all kinds of bullet manufactures books scanned and put in them.
  7. BuckRut

    MT Snowies elk

    I know you are innocent until proven guilty but in the end it does come down to a judges decision unless you push it to a jury trial and then it's an entire juries decision. I personally think the judge is going to see the fact that you were at an extremely good vantage point and then took an...
  8. BuckRut

    MT Snowies elk

    No way. Look at the body of evidence the judge is going to be looking at when you show up in court on this. You flew in, shot and elk in less than a days walk from where you landed and your defense is your word promising you didn't look out the window at all as you flew in.
  9. BuckRut

    MT Snowies elk

    I think you would lose that battle in court every time.
  10. BuckRut

    Big game cal.

    You really need to provide a lot more information to get any useful information out of this question. There is no one perfect caliber for every scenario and there are a multitude of variables that are not related to the animal being shot including how far you are comfortable shooting. That...
  11. BuckRut

    Retirement and 401k strategies

    One thing to keep in mind if you are putting all your money in a ROTH is that when you start drawing that money out you are likely to be in a much lower tax bracket than you are now so you may be paying more in taxes paying them now than if you pay them when you take the money out.
  12. BuckRut

    Wyoming Thorofare

    Not necessarily looking to go next year but just feeling out how game any Wyoming residents would be to taking a trip into the Thorofare if I were to draw a tag in a couple years.
  13. BuckRut

    Montana on the Upswing?

    As long as we continue to shoot bucks in the rut with a rifle on a general tag Montana will never be a destination for big deer.
  14. BuckRut

    Montana BMA Questions

    Some of the properties in the BMA program are a joke with no real use for sportsmen. On the other end however there are some that are phenominal. It is not uncommon for really good areas to fill up within hours or a day when the period to reserve them opens up. We used to get on one for...
  15. BuckRut

    Successful Montana Mule Deer

    That is a very typical muley for Montana. We do get a lot of cross deer but it is usually way more pronounced than that.
  16. BuckRut

    Worked a deal with coworkers I have 4 days to rifle elk hunt, Ideas?

    Watch for bears. They seem to be on a vendetta against out of staters over there this year.
  17. BuckRut


    The problem when the government writes all these different rules like this is that the line between pedal bike and motorcycle starts to blur. It should be simple. Either it's motorized or it's not. There isn't anything in between.
  18. BuckRut


    I have not. Not sure what relevance that has.