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  1. Birddy

    2019 Archery Season Over

    Had a couple different bucks on camera this summer that were what I consider a “shooter”. Most of them were in an area I needed a NW wind to hunt. Well we had 4 straight days of SE winds to start the season. I not so patiently waited and finally got a chance to sit my best stand and on my second...
  2. Birddy

    Montana Unit 410 Block Management

    I have been doing a whole bunch of E Scouting lately and am finding myself over whelmed. Thankfully this unit has a lot of public to choose from. I am just now looking into the block management land. I am quickly realizing that i am going to need to pick a part of the unit and focus. Do you...
  3. Birddy

    Missouri Breaks Scouting

    I drew a 410 archery permit and I am trying to build my hunting and scouting plan. For a couple different reasons i will be hunting the last week of September. I had planned to come out in August and do a weekend scouting trip to check out camping locations, road accessibility, look for elk...
  4. Birddy

    Happy Fathers Day!

    It truly is a happy Father’s Day!
  5. Birddy

    The walleyes are biting!

    Did pretty good today on the walleyes
  6. Birddy

    Weekend of Foraging

    A bit late but spent the weekend making a final push to fill the fridge with goodies. Picked a good batch of morels Friday, walleye fishing sucked on Saturday, spent Sunday picking wild asparagus and fishing pike as a family. Pretty successful all around other than the walleyes. Revenge will be...
  7. Birddy

    Venison Wellington

    Ingredient #1 is my ND archery buck
  8. Birddy

    Montana Missouri Breaks Map

    I drew a 410-21 archery elk permit. Will be my first time in that area. I will have onX but like to have a big paper map to scout with and see the “big picture”. Any suggestions on map options for that area? Would a BLM map be the best bet?
  9. Birddy

    Morels and Bur Oaks

    What is your experience with morels in relation to bur oaks? I found what seems like it should be a good morel spot. It is drainages off the Missouri River, there are seasonal creeks that run in the bottom of the draws. Nice short grass and leafy mix with good sun. The problem is it’s nothing...
  10. Birddy

    Mystery Ranch Sizing

    I tried on a large size pintler pack. I think it is the correct fit but then after doing a little more research a medium might be a better fit. I am 6’2” and wear a 34x34 pant. I am new to the packs so I am not exactly sure what to look for exactly on sizing. Does a large seem right to you guys...
  11. Birddy

    Latest Bird Mount

    Took a while but just got it back. Turned out great. Still not exactly sure what it is. Mallard mixed with something or a blonde mallard of sorts. Thought it was too cool not to share!
  12. Birddy

    How to get a cape home

    I leave for my antelope hunt tomorrow. It just dawned on me that if i get a nice one i want a shoulder mount. We will be camping and will have coolers full of ice. I have no clue how to cape the skull. So how do i keep the cape from going bad? It would probably need to last 2 to 3 days. Thanks...
  13. Birddy

    Dog Treats

    With the opening of waterfowl today in ND, it got me thinking. I have a year old dog that is learning to hunt. I shoot plenty of waterfowl to eat for myself and make a lot of jerky. That made we think that I could make some extremely lean and healthy dog treats by just slicing and dehydrating...
  14. Birddy

    Getting into Elk hunting

    How did you guys get into elk hunting? I am just starting to get into western hunting. I would assume a lot of you started off hunting with family. So for those of you that weren't lucky enough to be born in a western state, how did you do your first elk hunt? Just grab a buddy, pick a unit and...
  15. Birddy

    Cabelas Euros HD Binoculars

    Have you guys used them? What do you think? Is there a better pair of binoculars for under $1000?
  16. Birddy

    What would you buy...

    If you had $1500 in Cabelas gift cards, what would you spend them on?