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    2019 and 13 archery deer so far (and a Broadhead challenge)

    Best to ignore the phonies. You seem to have a fetish for trying to pass yourself off as something you're not. Shooting half tame deer off bird seed and hunting high fence elk isn't necessarily a bad thing if you're honest with yourself. Trouble is, you cant even fool yourself. I'm sure there...
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    Alternatives for public elk hunting access

    Not much more to add, but missed the discussion while helping 5 friends kill elk in Wyoming this last week. What I would like to see is the following: 1. No more pandering to landowners, you want less elk on your land, let people hunt or put a cork in it. Give them a list of all the elk b-tag...
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    Game Bags - Proper Use

    No, you can cover 4 game bags with a 75 cent bottle of peroxide.
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    DRAFT Wyoming CWD Management Plan

    Conflicting data? However, in some southeastern Wyoming mule deer herds where the disease has long been established, CWD prevalence has either somewhat declined from peak levels and/or has remained relatively static, albeit at levels high enough to likely impact population performance. Overall...
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    Mule Deer Doe Off Tasting?

    Where did JLS say anything about throwing it in a bag, sealing, or freezing? Tjones had it right, the wives tales are pretty thick on this thread.
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    Wyoming draw 2020 question

    Type 9’s are full price archery only....
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    Game Bags - Proper Use

    Put them in a bucket and cover them with hydrogen peroxide...let them soak for a few hours rinse in cold water. Bleach them if you must after that...I don’t
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    Elk Shoulder season meeting

    No blood pressure spike about what is, and I don’t fight the monster anymore.
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    Elk Shoulder season meeting

    Not everyone... I don’t even participate in the general elk season anymore.
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    Shelf life of powder

    IMO, I see no reason to hoard or buy massive amounts. I shoot a fair bit and buy in 5-8lb kegs and in some rifles, that amount of powder will take a while to burn through. I've never had powder go bad and have shot some that's 15-20 years old with no problem.
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    SWFA Black Friday sale

    If either had uncluttered reticles...I would try them in a heartbeat. I just don't like any of the reticles in either scope.
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    Suppressor on Hunting Rifle

    Cant hear you...did you say something? JFC, glad at least vikingsguy got it...
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    Suppressor on Hunting Rifle

    Like I said, if I go deaf from firing big game rifles at big game...good for me, should have the 2nd ark filled by then. I own stock in hearing aid companies.
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    Suppressor on Hunting Rifle

    If you're getting hearing loss from shooting at big game without hearing protection...head to the range and practice more (with hearing protection). Fired 6 rounds this year hunting...6 dead critters. I'm hoping to go deaf from shooting big-game without hearing protection...just sayin'. No...
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    The Future of Western Hunting and its Greatest Threat!

    Disagree all you want...but one person has the bona fides, the other, not so much.
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    Shouldn’t Have Done That

    Have 4 buddies showing up for late cow tags this coming week...stay tuned, usually some shoveling, chaining, and ridiculous amounts of profanity at some point.
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    Season in review - more lessons

    Lots of people out there would be very happy to be able to hunt elk at all and enjoy what you did. Sounds like you had a good time, elk or no elk.
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    Montana on the Upswing?

    I used to defend the department too...right up until the time I starting to think about the changes they make and those they are resistant to and why. Some things they changed without even batting an eye: 1. Allow youth to kill cow elk and doe deer in a vast majority of units all season long...
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    Montana on the Upswing?

    Hunters, whether from Washington or not, aren't the people responsible for wildlife management...they aren't to blame for what the MTFWP authorizes. Lets not blame the supposed "professionals" being paid to manage the resource...its the hunters fault for not lighting their tags on fire...
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    7mm-08 with IMR4064

    No, I actually don't...but I know a guy that toasted a 6mm Remington barrel.