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  1. awbowhunter

    Backcountry weather radio?

    What do you guys use to get weather reports in the Backcountry.....assuming no cell service. Is a basic Midland radio all you need? Do they make affordable two way communication radios and weather radio combined that are worth having?
  2. awbowhunter

    Archery Elk Big Belts HD446

    Hello, I have done my research and have decided on HD446 for archery season this year. I will be hunting the last 3 full weeks of September. I have not been in the unit before and have several specific questions about some areas there, such as road access, camping, and typical elk movement...
  3. awbowhunter

    Meindl Denali boot insert??

    Wanting to put a better insert/insole in my Meindl boots. All my other boots have inserts that easily remove. The Meindl seems to be glued in. I don't want to tear up the boot. What gives? Anybody used superfeet or the likes in Meindl's?
  4. awbowhunter

    Archery or Rifle?

    So here's the question. On a Montana general tag, with 3 straight weeks to hunt. If you had to pick one, which would you do and why. Archery or Rifle? Look forward to hearing your thoughts and reasoning.
  5. awbowhunter

    Pics from Yellowstone

    Here's a few pics I got this past year in Yellowstone.
  6. awbowhunter

    Newbie from North Georgia

    New member here. I am 48 years old, married and the kids are grown. I live and grew up in north Georgia. Foothills of the Blue Ridge mountians...errr....(hills) if you will. I have seen real mountains I consider myself an avid outdoorsman, enjoying everything from hiking, hunting...