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  1. SG25

    Southern Idaho late season buck

    What a stud buck! I love 2x2 like that! Definitely would have shot him even on the first day! Congrats!
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    Hello from PA

  3. SG25

    Christmas came early for me !!!!!

    Your 2018 buck has some great mass! They all look good. Congrats!
  4. SG25

    2019 Nebraska Mule Deer

    Congrats! Great buck and story!
  5. SG25

    Newbie from Kentucky

    Welcome! Keep us updated on your elk hunt!
  6. SG25

    Kansas whitetail

    Hey he's still going to be delicious!
  7. SG25

    Wife's 2019 nys buck

    Absolute stud!! Congrats to her!
  8. SG25

    Elk hunt fiasco

    Eric, my head hurts after reading that. ^^^ exactly!
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    New Texan to the group

  10. SG25

    How do you fund your Hunting?

    Every single one of you fine Americans fund my hunting addiction by paying your taxes. Thanks by the way!
  11. SG25

    2019 Wyoming Pronghorn Wrap Up

    Awesome! Congrats to you both!
  12. SG25

    Buying Ammo in California

    I hate this state.
  13. SG25

    Marsupial Bino Harness

    Another +1 with no issues. I love mine, been using it for over a year now and haven't gotten any debris in there.
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    Ever kill a lion off it’s kill?

    Beautiful cat! Congrats!
  15. SG25

    Australia to WY in 2020

    Good luck and looking forward to some stories/pictures to come!
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    Hello from Nebraska

  17. SG25

    First Black Bear! Montana, September, public land archery hunt

    Congrats! That's a pretty bear. Man that pizza got my mouth watering. Thanks for sharing!
  18. SG25

    Ever kill a lion off it’s kill?

    You should have put a trail camera on the kill too! That would have been some neat footage. I say go for it!
  19. SG25

    Brandon from southwest Mo