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  1. JoseCuervo

    Zinke Lists his 5 Priority Areas, Ignores Hunting and Recreation. Drill Baby, Drill!

    Zinke will be good they said. He won't be as bad as the ones who will tell you straight up they don't give a shit about hunters, he will just screw hunters over without telling you. The communication document to go with the BLM document is fun....
  2. JoseCuervo

    Zinke Opens Up 7 Miles to Fat-Assed ATV Riders.... Making America Great Again

    In an anti-Jobs announcement for America's makers of boots and hiking poles, Zinke has now decided that it is more fun to see important archaeological sites on your ATV.
  3. JoseCuervo

    Ryan Zinke New Focus for BLM....

    Don't worry about Zinke they said. You just have to adjust your expectations that there could be worse advocates for hunting that could run the Dept of Interior they said....
  4. JoseCuervo

    Tommy Ahlquist Idaho Governor Race and Public Lands

    In the 3rd part of an ongoing series of discussions and looks into the Idaho Governor race in 2018 from a Hunter's point of view, we will now address the latest entrant into the field, Boise real estate developer Tommy Ahlquist. And, folks, let's cut to the chase. It ain't good. From his...
  5. JoseCuervo

    Allow Me To Introduce You to Dr. Kathryn Allen; Send Her Some $$$ to Stop Chaffetz

    For everyone wondering how you stop Jason Chaffetz, the biggest coward in DC, and his attempts to transfer My Public Lands to the State of Utah and eventually to the Koch Brothers, here is your chance. Dr. Kathie Allen has now announced she is going to run against Chaffetz, in an attempt to...
  6. JoseCuervo

    Idaho Public Land Ownership Map

    Just so everyone can have the same point of reference, and can see what Idaho looks like.
  7. JoseCuervo

    Asshat GOP Legislature in Utah Giving up on ALC Snake Oil Lawsuit

    Linky-Link To the SL Trib Article
  8. JoseCuervo

    "Access" and "Be Prepared" Boogie Men and Public Lands Transfer Legislation

    "Access" and "Be Prepared" Boogie Men and Public Lands Transfer Legislation Spent last Saturday at a "townhall" type of public meeting for 3 Idaho legislators. They were having a series of meetings in 3 small towns, to "hear" constituent concerns. The first meeting was up in Council, a small...
  9. JoseCuervo

    GOP in Idaho Comes Out AGAINST Steelhead and Salmon Fishing Opportunities

    Just in case you wonder what happens when you allow the GOP to control a legislative body, the answer is, you have fewer options of where you can go fish. Reader's Digest Version: The dams in the Hells Canyon Complex (Hells Canyon, Oxbow, Brownlee) are up for re-licensing for the power...
  10. JoseCuervo

    I paid $8,003 to Kill a Wolf

    And so did you.... Linky Link to Spokesman Review Article Yes, the money comes from Hunting Licenses, and My taxes...
  11. JoseCuervo

    Russ Fulcher Idaho Governor Race and Public Lands

    After 12 years of Otter, we are going to get a new occupant in the Governor's Mansion.... Oh, wait, we don't have a Governor's Mansion, we gave it back to the Simplot family, and they tore it down.... But, in any case, here is the thread for all things Russ Fulcher, declared candidate for Idaho...
  12. JoseCuervo

    Brad Little Idaho Governor Race and Public Lands

    Idaho gets a new Governor in 2018, after 12 years of Butch. We have actually witnessed quite the evolution of Butch, from a Libertarian/Sage Brush rebel to a senior citizen who values federal public lands. Now, it is time to sort out Next. This thread is intended to collect and sort Lt...
  13. JoseCuervo

    UTah Gov Hebert Trying To Bullsh*t Utah Voters About Public Lands

    Utah Governor Hebert feeling the Heat form the Outdoor Rec show and Patgonia leaving town, and the Jason Chaffetz, the biggest coward in DC and SLC, attempt to sell My Public Lands and gut the Agencies ability to manage my lands via HR 622, now is trying to bullshit the Utah voters into...
  14. JoseCuervo

    hikers need hunters and vice versa : Outside Magazine

    A good article and Outside Magazine from the hiker side talking about the importance of being with hunters. Hopefully hunters understand how important it is to be with hikers. The economic numbers...
  15. JoseCuervo

    Big Win for NRA: Mentally Disabled to Buy Guns Again

    Trying to figure out if this: Makes America Great Again Creates 1,000's of Jobs Keeps Americans Safe
  16. JoseCuervo

    Letter from Senator Mike Crapo on Selling My Public Lands

    Good news is "public lands should remain public". Bad news is he didn't say "FEDERAL public lands should remain FEDERAL public lands". Not sure what "all Idahoans should enjoy REASONABLE access" means. Should not be limited to "Idahoans" (splitting hairs, perhaps) and the term "reasonable"...
  17. JoseCuervo

    GOP House Moves to Encourage Drilling in National Parks and it is only Day 12

    You really can't make this stuff up. Last night, the GOP House started the process to make it easier to drill for oil in our National Parks. Gosar has yet to issue a Press Release explaining why..... See, it really isn't ALL the National Parks, just 40 of them..... And, we really aren't...
  18. JoseCuervo

    Letter from Governor Otter on Sale of My Public Lands

    If you go to you can blanket bomb an email to your US Rep, US Senators, Governor, and, in theory, State Legislature. Quick and easy way to get a message out, and the message gets received. _________________________________________ Now, specific to Governor Otter...
  19. JoseCuervo

    Labrador to Chair Natural Resources Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations

    Labrador just announced he will be the primary person to yell and scream at BLM, FS, USFW employees who aren't sufficiently loyal to the Utah Agenda to sell My Public Lands.
  20. JoseCuervo

    Selling Public LandHR 621 and 622: Do We All Agree that Jason Chaffetz is a Coward?

    "these lands have been deemed to serve no purpose for taxpayers" Let that sink in for you, just a bit. " these lands have been deemed to serve no purpose for taxpayers". Yes, Jason Chaffetz, the biggest coward in DC, has proposed to sell your public lands.