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  1. JonathonJEB

    Headed to the U.P.

    Im heading to the U. P. of Michigan next week. Pulling my 17ft boat up there. We are gonna be staying around Manistique. Does any body know what the water temp is on inland lakes and the Bays de nocs. Never been up there. But planning to catch smallmouth, pike, and musky. I appreciate any pointers.
  2. JonathonJEB

    M&P 10

    I was wandering if anyone had any experience with it. And what are your thoughts on the 18" verses the sport 16". I do not own any AR style rifles but the M&P 10 has kinda caught my eye recently.
  3. JonathonJEB

    A little North Georgia trapping

    I finally got to take a week off of work to set a few traps. Had a blast and caught enough fur to have a good box to send to Moyles. Here are few of my pics.
  4. JonathonJEB

    Why is my pictures sideways?

    When I try to start a new thread and preview my post all my pictures are sideways. Is there something I am doing wrong?
  5. JonathonJEB

    Another first western hunt thread.

    My wife and I just got back home from our first out of state hunting trip. It was a great trip and we got some great meat. Thanks for all the info shared on here. I think winter showed up in Wyoming the same day we did. Not the biggest bucks but we are both proud of them and cant wait to get...
  6. JonathonJEB

    NR Wyoming Mule Deer Questions?

    I think I have the antelope process figured out pretty good. But the deer and elk process throw me for a loop. My problems come up with the general tags. Im going to use NR Deer Units 10 and 22 for example just because they were the first two type 1 antlered deer tags on the 2018 PP Draw Odds. I...
  7. JonathonJEB

    Snowy Range Blue grouse?

    My wife and I will be out in October trying to fill some antelope tags. If we are successful early we are gonna try to get in some blue grouse hunting and fishing. Does anybody have any pointers as far as trail heads or logging roads to try. We will be staying near Laramie. Thanks
  8. JonathonJEB

    First peacock

  9. JonathonJEB

    Wyoming app questions?

    My first time applying for tags and I just finished my application and was wandering if it just automatically uses my preference points for my 1st choice? I assume it does because it did not say anything about it. Just wandering because here in GA you have to select the number of PP you want to...
  10. JonathonJEB

    a couple cats

    My wife and I caught some cats yesterday. Here are some pics of a few. They are from the Tennessee River and we released them back so that they could grow bigger.
  11. JonathonJEB

    some Georgia fur

    I pulled my traps yesterday. It has been a crazy hot season, but I had fun anyway. Here are a few pics. These are used staples from boarding beavers. It was a good year for beavers if they would bring more than a $5 average now. LOL
  12. JonathonJEB

    Wy 2017 dates?

    I been looking on the game and fish website for dates for 2017 antelope season. This will be my first year hunting out there so this is all new to me. I have my 3 unit choices picked out but I am trying to find out when the season opens. Will it always be on a Saturday? Are the tentative dates...
  13. JonathonJEB

    Wyoming 2017

    I have 2 points now and I am trying to plan a trip for next fall. I know this gets asked all the time on here so I am even hesitant to ask because I know how I am when it comes to my public land spots at home. So really all I am looking for is a yes or no answer no details and no secret spots. I...
  14. JonathonJEB

    gps purchase question

    Cabelas has the oregon 650t and rhino 650 on sale. I'm going to buy one but torn between the two. I was wandering some opinions of hunters who have used one or the other.
  15. JonathonJEB

    Hello from. North georgia

    Hello i just got bit by the western bug a few months ago so i figgured i would hang out here and maybe learn something.