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    Been gone for a while.

    Hi Folks, Just stumbled across the forums site again. I guess It has been about 3 or 4 years since I have been here. Went thru a pretty rough patch a while back and lost touch with most all my friends on the different forum pages I used to visit regularly. Glad to find this one again. I...
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    Hi folks, I have been away for so long, I couldn't remember my logon info. I got lost with the new format. Anyway, glad to be back. Coyoteman
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    Something on the Predential election

    A friend of mine sent this to me, and I thought some of you might like to ponder it. This man speaks a great truth.: Editorial on the Upcoming Presidential Elections Sterling Hill wrote: > This is absolutely excellent. Hopefully it can be widely circulated to > anyone willing to face the...
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    Question on .223 ammo

    OK folks, I need some opinions. I have a friend that just picked up a new CZ Varminter in .223. He wants to reload for it, but still has to buy the dies and some brass. Bass Pro Shops has some ammo on sale, and he asked me if it was any good to shoot, and if it was good brass to reload. The ammo...
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    What to hunt in NV.

    I had to go to a class today, and during one of the breaks, the CEO of our company asked me if I would like a transfer to either the Carson City, or Reno area. I told him I would consider it in a year or two. If I take this job, what is the hunting like out there? I have enough weapons to hunt...
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    What to use for lions and bears.

    Last night I talked with my sister in law who lives in northern Calif. She has five acres that are surrounded with state park land, and the place is crawling with black bears that show absolutly no fear of humans. To make things worse, yesterday, while pulling up the driveway, there was a...
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    45-70 loads

    Hi all, I'm trying to find some good loads for my 1895GG in 45-70. I just bought some 500 grain, gas checked, hard cast bullets. I would like to move them at somewhere between 1550 and 1800 FPS. Any suggestions? Thanks, John
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    Hogs in Georgia

    What can you guys and gals tell me about hog hunting in Georgia. A friend of mine in Maryland wants me to drive down to Georgia, just outside Atlanta, to hunt hogs with him. He says that they are 100 % wild. He said that there is no licience required because they are considered pests. Is he...
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    Savage 24F

    My son told me of a friend of his, that has a Savage model 24F for sals. It is about twenty years old, and in pretty good shap. It has the normal use dings on it, but it has not been shot much. It has a .223 barrel on top with a 12 gage on the bottom. He says about three boxes of .223, and about...
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    A funny thing happened to me on the way home from the DMV.

    I spent the whole morning still hunting a piece of woods today, and never got off a shot. After about six hours in the woods, I packed it up and went home to take my 15 year old daughter to get her driving permit. On the way home, right at the top of the freeway off ramp, about a mile from the...
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    Want to trade safe for 45.70

    I have a Mosler safe that would make a good gun safe or office safe. I would like to trade it for a new Marlin 1895S, with out the ported barrel, in 45.70 I live in the Baltimore Washington area, and can deliver it within a reasonable area for some extra cash. You pay for the gun at the dealer...