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    NV Desert Bighorn Sheep Pics

    Was camping in the Valley of Fire state park in Nevada this past weekend with family and friends, had a group of 4 rams walk right through our camp, next morning seen a group of 20+ sheep feeding along the road another 4 on a short hike. Thought I’d share some pictures, even though there’s no...

    Leupold Rings?

    Just looking for some advice, bought a browning x bolt Hell’s Canyon Long Range and a leupold vx-3i 4.5-14x40. Looking at dual dove tail mounts vs the backcountry mounts any preference on which is better? Also in big fin’s mounting video he lapped the rings but on leupold’s website it says no...


    Pulled this picture off a trail camera the other day, a reminder to keep predators in check so we can be the ones putting meat in our bellies!


    Pulled this off a trail camera, just a reminder to us all to keep predators in check so we can be the ones putting the meat in our bellies!

    New Vortex UHD?

    Anybody tried out the new ultra hd vortex binos? Curious how much better they are then the razor hd. Also how they stack up against Swarovski or Zeiss? Price for UHD is about $300-$400 more than hd, with the new price might as well just spend a little more and get Swarovski.

    300 Ultra Mag or 300 Win Mag

    Read ballistics comparisons on the two rounds but was wondering which one you guys prefer and why? From what I’ve read seems like a lot of you out there have 300 Win Mags. Thanks for the input!

    Under Armour Jacket and Pants

    Under armour real tree camo for sale. Worn on a 5 day NW Montana hunting trip mid November, another 3 day hunt, and a few day trips. Excellent mid to late season layers. Water repellent and under armour sent control. Jacket is a size large, has slight wear on right armpit area from pack strap...

    Best Long Range Scope

    Curious what scopes you guys have had good luck with on a setup to shoot out to 1000yds? Reticle type and power? Looking for the best bang for my buck, there is a lot of expensive glass out there. Thanks