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  1. wingman1

    Wilks brothers true colors are shining through.....

    Sorry I was tied up when you called. I will get in touch with you tomorrow.
  2. wingman1

    Six Years in the Making!......A Montana Edition.

    Thats awesome you were able to stay with him through the years. Congrats!
  3. wingman1

    Bow cam video of my CO bull

    Congrats on a great bull. You better thank the elk gods on that front quartering shot though
  4. wingman1

    A shooter?

    It depends....for my daughter yes but no for me.
  5. wingman1

    300 rum or 338 rum

    Your RUM velocity is low and your 7lrm is high. Rerun the rum with a 208 a max at 3100. I bet I have you beat with energy all day long.
  6. wingman1

    Experience with Hogue stocks...

    I have 3 rifles with hogue stocks with full aluminum. All three shoot less than 1/2 moa at 1000 yards. Yes they are on the heavy side but I like that. My 308 one shoots 1/4 moa at 800.
  7. wingman1

    Savage 11/111 Lightweight hunter

    I like my 12 lrp 260. It shoots 1/2 moa at 1k out of the box.
  8. wingman1

    2 Hunters Missing in Alaska...

    No, I think I could have used a better choice of words when explaining my frustration with people being unprepared.
  9. wingman1

    2 Hunters Missing in Alaska...

    Do you feel the same way about seat belts.?
  10. wingman1

    2 Hunters Missing in Alaska...

    I think PLB's should be mandatory. If you go without one you should be on your own.
  11. wingman1

    Meeting with an old friend!

    Nice job shoots. You make it look easy.
  12. wingman1

    Elk talk

    I heard 30 plus bugles last night of my deck.
  13. wingman1

    Camo for out west (western Montana/Idaho)

    Light brown or greys if elk hunting
  14. wingman1

    Montana bulls?

    ^^^^^^^awesome bull. Well done as usual. I guess you haven't forgotten how to kill big bulls :)
  15. wingman1

    Montana bulls?

    I don't know about Colorado but this is how we grow them up here in Montana.
  16. wingman1

    Billings MT Scroundrel :(

    Same thing happened to me two years ago. They took my wallet, laptop, iPad and so on. This was on huckleberry st which is north west side of town. I think they are on foot so its what ever they can carry on their back. Bastards. Lesson learned. I remove everything from my vehicle...
  17. wingman1

    National Forest Recreational Shooting Ban

    If this passes they won't stop there. This will open up the possibility to stop rifle hunting in the affected areas.
  18. wingman1

    Private Land Hunting... Cheating? Rifles...Cheating?

    I actually got down and dusted off my bow last night. Yep.. still hits a 3" circle at 80 yards. Guess I'm good to go. Now if I could just find one of these poor elk your talking about.:rolleyes:
  19. wingman1

    Realistic Expectations for MT 411

    411 has less than 10% success ratio overall for elk. You decide.
  20. wingman1

    DIY Alaska Fishing

    Nice skate. Good times.