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    Spring Bear 2021

    Saw that apps are due for 2021 on December 16. Me n my mother r planning on going w my uncle on his salmon boat out of Homer in the spring of ‘21. Was trying to do our apps today but getting confused (not hard for me). I will be a normal nonres, my mother will be a non res w 2nd degree kinship...
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    Grandson Turning into One Smooth Shooter

    Well Saturday morning, had this old boy at 238yds. Grandson (7yo) on the rifle (223 Wylde) he looked steady, said he was ready, I turned him loose. Dead buck standing!!!
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    Retirement Hunting Adventure

    Starting to think about retirement from the fire department, probably in around give or take 10 years. I would like to treat myself w a “once in a lifetime hunting adventure” Would like it to be a multi species, backcountry hunt. Always have done DIY but realize something of the magnitude I...
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    Christmas Sausage

    did some experimenting today w a pig i shot the other day. Did my base Alsatian recipe and added roasted pablano, red bell, jalapeño, garlic, n onions I threw on the pit w some mesquite
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    Grandson’s “VBi

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    Arrowed Texas Opening Weekend Chow this Morning

    Having our annual opening weekend party, so needed to get some groceries to start bbq’ing tomorrow, luckily a nice fat one obliged this morning
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    Prayers Needed n Warnings Please Heeded

    Got some bad news this morning, one of my brothers, friend, n someone I personally worked w in the San And Fire Department was hit by a vehicle while getting out of his apparatus on a call. We will all miss him; great, hardworking, kind, man Please pay attention when driving around any...
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    Got the hankering for some braised shanks n cabbage. Browned the venison shanks, made the braising liquid, put it all in the cast iron, n in the oven for the day. Will add the cabbage when almost done More pics to follow
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    “With the Old Breed” by Eugene Sledge

    WOW!!!! Is pretty much all I can say!!!! Read this book during off time while hunting in Montana. An old Marine Col suggested it to me. One of and if not the best book I’ve ever read
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    Kids Clothes

    Taking my 7yo grandson to Montana in mid November to accompany me elk/deer/bear hunting. Looking for some hand me down clothes for him Size 7 clothes n 13-1 boots.
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    Taking 7yo Grandson in November????

    One of my worst memories when I was a kid was seeing my great grandfather, grandfather, n uncles getting ready and heading north to go hunting, I am not letting that happen to my grandson.... Planning on taking my grandson w me the second weekend up to Montana for about 5 days. We will be...
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    Montana State Land Corner Hopping!!!!????

    Just fixing to fly home from an awesome trip!!! Will write it up later, but needless to say was definitely in the elk, was looking for antlers on this trip, coming back in November for meat, so past up quite a few legitimate archery opportunities. My ?? is on the laws on corner hopping? I have...
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    Lunch time fun

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    Hot!!! Weather!!!!

    Hunting 422; way more hunters than usual, n because of the weather n pressure, I believe, a lot less ELK!!! Going to focus on bear by Smith Creek for a few, weather supposed to change then back for more elk
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    Any Action Yet??

    Headed to 422 next week; Thursday, for a couple weeks. Any bugling yet? My buddy who lives out there says it’s been hot (weather). If anyone is in the Augusta area during that time, shoot me a PM, n we can get a bite n a beer Good luck to everyone
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    422 Meet Up

    Going to be arriving around Sept 12th n there for around 20days; give or take, if anyone is in the area n wants to meet up n grab a bite n a beer
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    Seam Sealing

    Too hot in the South Texas sun so having to seam seal in the den!!! Thank God I have an understanding wife!!!
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    Father’s Day is Looking Tasty

    Went out yesterday evening to bust a pig to smoke for Father’s Day. Well, got 3 in 1 shot; lined em up n let her speak!!!!! Going to brine one n throw it in the smokehouse whole
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    Rebuilding the 25Gibbs

    Started work on my old mans 25Gibbs. He made it w an 09 Omendorf 98 Mauser. Beautiful rifle. Striped the action down n cleaning it all up. Was just going to refinish and rebed the stock he made but I found there is a lot of wood I can work w on it still. So I’ve cut in a rollover cheek piece...