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  1. 7mm08mo

    Brandon from southwest Mo

    Welcome from the lake of the ozarks part of the state.
  2. 7mm08mo

    I knew her time was near....

    I’m sorry to hear that. I sure know what it feels like to loose a great companion. My favorite and best got a twisted gut and died at 7 years old. I cried like a baby.
  3. 7mm08mo

    I’ve got several of his books and have had one of his labs, best dog I’ve ever had. He lives...

    I’ve got several of his books and have had one of his labs, best dog I’ve ever had. He lives about 40 miles from me. That is cool what a small world.
  4. 7mm08mo

    The Hunt For Pamela Anderson

    Love reading squirrels writing!! Sounds like a good time.
  5. 7mm08mo

    New Adult Hunter in Missouri

    I don’t know much about that part of the state, except the duck hunting is good!!
  6. 7mm08mo

    New Adult Hunter in Missouri

    Welcome, where are you at in the state??
  7. 7mm08mo

    Wyoming knows how to manage mule deer

    Congrats, I don’t know of anyone more deserving of a great hunt than you. Sounds like you milked it for all it had. A grand adventure where new friends were made that is what it is about the adventure and camaraderie that comes with it.
  8. 7mm08mo

    A raghorn, a sleepless night, and a pack out

    Great job, those overnight waits are brutal.
  9. 7mm08mo

    MT Elk Opener

  10. 7mm08mo

    2019 WY Sheep

    Congrats Buzz. Nobody more deserving of a great hunt.
  11. 7mm08mo

    Colorado 2019

    North and west of steamboat
  12. 7mm08mo

    Colorado 2019

    I lay here in a hotel in Rawlings Wy, knowing tomorrow somewhere in the mountains of Colorado elk camp will get set up, and I will have a week of elk hunting in front of me. This year is my oldest sons last year for youth prices on tags so we decided to do elk as he has gotten a pronghorn and...
  13. 7mm08mo

    Wyoming Region W

    Congrats! I had that tag last year and pulled a couple nice bucks between my son and myself. Was east of baggs somewhere.
  14. 7mm08mo

    A Dream Becomes Reality

    This is probably the best write up I’ve seen to date, eloquently written, it was like a romance novel for a hunter. It makes me yearn for that country and what it has to offer. It is a love affair we have with wild places and the and wildlife that inhabit them. Thanks for taking us along and...
  15. 7mm08mo

    A kid's first pronghorn

    Good luck, have fun!!
  16. 7mm08mo

    2019 WY a glance

    Congrats Buzz, you must carry a rabbits foot in your pocket or have a horseshoe lodged somewhere. Your the luckiest hunter I know. Must be karma for all the good work you do for Conservation. Anyways congrats.
  17. 7mm08mo

    Pretty good youth weekend!

    That is awesome!! Congrats to the kiddos, and you. Memories made that will last a lifetime.
  18. 7mm08mo

    WTB 25-06 brass and bullets

    Let me see what I have in the morning.
  19. 7mm08mo

    Birthday Bull - My first archery bull (Pics and Video)

    Congrats on an awesome birthday bull!!!