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    More buck pics

    Here are a few more pics from last weekend
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    Cool buck pics

    Here are a few pics from yesterdays snow storm enjoy
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    A few more buck pics

    Here are a few more bucks enjoy
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    A few more buck pics

    Here are a few more bucks enjoy
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    Monster buck pics

    Here is one of the biggest,widest,bestlooking typical main frame bucks I have ever seen. I had a few of the experts including Ryan take look at this buck and they all had one hell of a time guessing the score there guesses ranged from 206 to 217 net and a gross score guess between 217 to 230...
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    Read This

    Read this made me laugh
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    Trophy Utah Mule deer opportunity

    Hey guys I just purchased 2 CWMU landowner tags for the lost creek drainage of northern UT. I’m trying to sell these for the land owner who has always just used these tags for him self and his 2 sons, but this year he is trying to build a cabin and ran short of money so he has deicide to sell...
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    Shed pics 2003

    Here a few sheds I picked up this year enjoy!
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    Shed pic

    Check out the sheds that one of the sheepherders (nick named "Shorty") found
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    Shed hunting pic

    Check out this find why I was out shed hunting I found this 20 gauge right next to a dead cow elk and here hind Quarters were missing
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    Elk shed pic

    I picked up two 5 points,1 five point set,a 3 point and this six point shed yesterday
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    Deer pic

    here are a few bucks from yesterdays shed hunt still packing there headgear
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    Giant spike pic

    Check out the size of this spike mule deer antler my brother found this morning
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    Dead buck pic

    Here is a buck that was found this morning while I was out shed hunting it is a nice 4x4 with eye guards buck
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    7x8 buck

    Here is a buck I though everyone might enjoy
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    More Pictures of bucks n bulls and more

    Check out these pictures I took during the past 2 weeks hope everyone enjoys them took a lot of hiking to get them
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    Redneck car

    Check out this my old car i used to drive in high school sure had a lot of fun it that thing
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    1st buck

    Check out this hunters first buck what do you guys think not to bad for a first buck!
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    190 archery buck

    What do you guys think of my 2002 archery buck1
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    Over 40 inch buck

    How wide do you think this hog was