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    Dogs and Chocolate

    Thanks for the description of the symptoms, i too have wondered about the chocolate deal, knew it was not good, reinforced now.
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    DRAFT Wyoming CWD Management Plan

    Me too I guess, until you really stop and think about it. This CWD stuff is not good at all, and even the Fish and Game departments are pretty freaked out - for lack of a better way to put it. It has already made changes to where I hunt. I do not want to be responsible for spreading this crap...
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    30-06 Pinball Wizard

    Yes, twice. Both shots were taken while the buck was bedded, in the front quarter and bullet under the hide in the rear quarter.
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    Grandpa's Gun

    Pretty neat story, at 14 years old i used my Grandfathers gun for my first buck.
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    The different way we think

    I've seen it both ways inside and out, but i do have to say I have met some pretty nice folks in MT and ID while hunting non resident. I have also been fortunate to meet and assist some pretty nice non residents from MT in catching Salmon on the Columbia River, my way of paying it forward.
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    Texas woman killed by feral hogs

    Saw this and felt really bad for the family involved. You guys down there in Texas need to kill more pigs! I am sure thankful that problem does not exist in the Northwest. Invasive species suck.
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    6th times a charm?

    Best wishes for speedy recovery from Washington!
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    E-Bike legality in Montana.

    Yes, the trailer is the first option on the list. The one i am looking at has a 200 lb weight rating. This is part of it for sure. Not everyone has the means or capability of maintaining horses and mules year round for their pack string.
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    E-Bike legality in Montana.

    My thanks also Nameless Range, This forum is great for being able to have a rational discussion about these topics with most on here. I completely agree with yours and some others thoughts on where these bikes should not be. They are not compatible with non motorized and or Wilderness areas...
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    Fun hunt with my old buddy

    ..Funny, I'd sure like to come there to Nebraska some day from what i have seen over the years you guys got some really nice deer there. And not a lot of jack firs and brush!
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    Fun hunt with my old buddy

    Nice Buck! I have not seen a metal deer tag in awhile those went away in the 50's here in WA.
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    What a day to be in the woods!

    Nice Buck for your son, he's hooked for life you can see it on his face!
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    E-Bike legality in Montana.

    I do agree e bikes are motorized. For sure in my opinion anyway, there are places were they are OK and places where they are not OK. Personally that doesn't bother me a lot, all my hunting life I take extra care on being where it is OK to be, cannot hunt any other way. I think they could have a...
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    E-Bike legality in Montana.

    This was in western Washington; no public land to speak of, private timberland is about all there is and the logging roads go on forever behind locked gates. The country pretty much sucks in that regard.
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    My 2019 Montana deer hunt

    Great hunt, way to get it done on a nice buck! For some reason my luck is always better solo, and i like the challenge of solo.
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    Female Hunter Getting Death Threats

    Pleease...o_O no pics
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    E-Bike legality in Montana.

    Any more than a couple of horses, dudes, and a pack string?
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    E-Bike legality in Montana.

    Good question Nameless Range, here are some more thoughts you have generated. Motorcycles make noise pollution, e bikes do not. Motorcycles make fumes - smell, e bikes do not. Motorcycles cause environmental damage, e bikes leave no more marks on the environment than horses or pedal bikes (which...
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    E-Bike legality in Montana.

    I had my first encounter with e bikes last weekend, after hiking 3 miles in the dark there they were three of them! One ridden by a gentleman who looked 70+ years of age. Well they did stop to chat; the fella was 76 years old to be exact. He made a comment that did get me thinking a bit...