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  1. gman82001

    Leupold vxiii 6.5-20x40 or

    Leupold vxiii 6.5-20x40 lr sidefocus fine duplex Brand new in box never mounted was to be used on a long range varmint setup that never happened $600 obo usps money order or PayPal buyer pays fees
  2. gman82001

    Vortex viper pst 4-16-50

    Been sitting in the safe planning a new build but it's not happening so it's time to sell Brand new never even been out of the plastic wrap Vortex viper pst 4-16x50 Ffp These things are about the best sub $1k glass you'll find and actually compete with class costing way more. Price is $775...
  3. gman82001

    Kuiu icon pro 3200

    Excellent shape just a bit dusty from riding in the truck bed from the hills. Almost new just decided to try a different brand. I've got the Icon pro 3200 in vias with large frame and belt runs $424 One hip pouch because I carried my gps or a holster on the other runs $9.99 And the Kuiu...
  4. gman82001

    Guys who use tarp shelters?

    I've always done my hunting as just day trips from trail heads or the camp but this season I'm taking a lot longer off and am thinking of spiking out a couple nights in an area we always want to go into but just isn't practical to do in one day. I'm trying to keep it as cheap and light weight...
  5. gman82001

    Wtb fhf gear bino harness

    I sold mine and regret it so looking to see if anyone has a medium bino harness for sale before I break down and order a new one up. Thanks guys
  6. gman82001

    257 weatherby magnum good bad and ugly

    Thinking of picking up one I the vanguard s2's in 257 for no other reason than it seems like a really neat caliber. For the most part it's going to be strictly a deer and pronghorn rifle but I've read a lot of people swear by it for elk as well. Just looking for anyone's experience positive or...
  7. gman82001

    Rem 700 sps tactical 308 fs

    Brand new never fired REM 700 sps tactical recall already done .308 20" heavy barrel. $585 shipped comes with the regular black hogue overmold stock I will leave the weaver 20moa scope base on it ($30) at that price if you want to dicker ill keep it for another gun. I have an od green b&c...
  8. gman82001

    FS: mystery ranch dragon slayer

    For sale mystery ranch dragon slayer. Used one week for archery elk season. I hauled a qtr out strapped to the pack and has a small blood stain on the one webbing strap otherwise excellent shape. It's a large yoke and large waist. It's a great pack I just decided to go to a modular style pack...
  9. gman82001

    which rifle carrier was randy using?

    Just watched the episode with randy killing the 4pt bull in Colorado. I've been thinking of getting trekking poles for next season for a mule deer hunt that will most likely involve more walking to glassing spots rather than jump shooting deer and since my pack doesn't really have a built in...
  10. gman82001

    270 win bullet

    Well its time to start reloading for my 2 daughters and wife and all their 270's. I'm looking for some recommendation's for favorite bullets. We've had really good luck on deer with the 140 accubonds from the winchester supreme line and love them in my 300wm. But since I'm starting from the...
  11. gman82001

    fhf gear bino harness medium in multi-cam

    Medium bino harness in multi-cam used exactly 4 days. I've just decided to stick with the kuiu setup I'm running currently. These fit my cabelas euros perfectly and is as close to brand new as you'll get. Asking $70 shipped paypay gift or buyer pays fees listing on a couple sites please pm me if...
  12. gman82001

    Thoughts on MR dragon slayer

    Does anyone run one of the Mystery Ranch Dragon slayers or even the Bighorn I need the good bad and the ugly. Im leaning more towards the dragon slayer though. Im looking for an awesome day pack to end all day packs ive tried all the box store stuff and a couple months ago picked up a used Kuiu...
  13. gman82001

    MBG vengeance

    Montana black gold vengeance almost new ... 5 pin .19 all micro adjust and 3rd axis level. Paid $204 selling for $175 tyd Pictures suck but its in great shape that spot on the side that lookslike a scratch is just the sticky stuff from the sticker they cover the 3rd axis screws with... It's in...
  14. gman82001

    bushnell pro scout 1000 plus extras

    Bushnell pro scout 1000 black used one season and in really good shape with case papers and cd. I'm including a badlands rangefinder case in max 1. And if you into tinkering I'm including the dead unit I originally got when I opened it up it never worked and bushnell sent me a new one under...
  15. gman82001

    Hunting packs for sale Tenzing easton and Blacks ridge

    Clearing out the hunting packs for a new model so im selling these 3 packs Easton pick up new never used great pack just have too many sells for $199 at cabelas asking $120...
  16. gman82001

    Daughter is in a photo contest and could use some votes

    Ok everyone. Over the next week,I would appreciate if you could take a moment to vote for my daughter,Madison's picture on Facebook. I know some people don't don't do the Facebook thing but if you are we would appreciate your vote. This is a photo contest with a chance to win a piece of hunting...
  17. gman82001

    buffalo hide?

    Dads going in December to shoot a cow buffalo for meat but I thought it would be cool to get the back hide tanned and use for a throw on the back of the couch. Has anybody had it done and about how big is the back hide on an average sized cow... I've got a call into mytaxi about his price but...
  18. gman82001

    hogue overmold stock rem s/a and fed premium 300 win ammo

    Hey guys I have a box and a half (30rounds) of 180gr nosler partition ammo I picked it up and just found my encore likesa different bullet. Im asking 55 shipped for it. its all factory boxed and has the 10 empties in it as well. Ifyou needpicsjustlet me know Ill email or text them. Ill ship...
  19. gman82001

    rifle sling question

    I hate how my butler creek sling rides and always feels like its trying to either fall off or pull my pack off..... What are you guys using ... We do the day hunt thing during rifle season so its not like we hike in 20 miles then hunt its more like walking from the camp or truck and can be...
  20. gman82001

    how do you carry your rangefinder

    I picked up a new rangefinder this winter and also the badlands rangefinder case. Spent the weekend walking and shooting with my pack on and noticed the case was always coming open. the rangefinder is pretty small so it never fell out but i wasnt crawling or doing lots of other stuff you may end...