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    Load development: 100 to 200 yards

    I’m relatively new to handloading and I’ve been developing a load for my Ruger American predator in 223. Using once-fired norma brass, benchmark powder, 50gr Hornady vmax bullets. I found some chargeweights that showed promise at 100: 25.8 and 25.9 grains shot .7-.9moa at 100. Then tried out a...
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    Chargemaster lite issues

    Had the chargemaster lite for a few months and I have been loving it. Worked great during that time, but lately the scale has been measuring .1 gr too high. I have a check-weight set and no matter what combinations of check-weights I use, always .1 high. I've confirmed that the check-weights are...
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    Bino Diopter Settings Question

    When adjusting the diopter on your binos, do you focus on an object at closer distances, say 100-200 yards, or do you choose something farther than that? Found different answers online. I just bought my first quality pair of binos, Maven B2 11x45s and whenever I check the focus of the...
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    Summer Scouting Question

    I have my first mule deer buck tag for a general unit in my home state of Utah this year. Is it too early to start scouting? I know scouting is always helpful to learn an area (roads, access), but as far as trying find areas that hold deer, will bucks move much between now and mid October when...
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    Next step for load development - .223 Ruger American Predator

    I’m doing some load development for one of my new rifles, a Ruger American Predator in .223. Using once-fired norma brass, Benchmark powder, Hornady 50gr vmax, Winchester primers. CBTO 1.848. I’ve shot a number of 5 shot groups and these are the results I’ve gotten (I shot some at 200 and some...
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    Problem with Marsupial Gear harness

    Just bought a MG harness and a pair of Maven B.2 11x45s (upgrades from the Badlands XR and the Vortex diamondback 10x50s). When I ordered the MG harness, I noticed they had a 2018 model and a newer version. I ordered the new one that said "New super durable fleece lining makes sliding binoculars...
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    Connecting pockets to MR waistbelt

    Was about to order some waistbelt pockets when I realized the belt that came with my pintler does not have the molle webbing and is bare, like the belt pictured below. Is this normal? How do you guys with these belts attach things to them? \
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    How many pairs of boots

    I started hunting last year so I had to accumulate a lot of gear very quickly. I went with a cheap pair of Lacrosse 600g insulated boots. For being a cheap pair, these have been great. Got maybe 100+ miles on them and they fit me well and with a good pair of socks keep me reasonably warm in the...
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    First year elk calling

    Started hunting last year. This fall will be my first time attempting to do any kind of calling. I'm going to have a Utah rifle cow and spike tag good for October 7-19 and a late season cow tag for December. These tags will be for one of Utah's premium LE bull elk units. Since I will not be...
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    Help a newbie find the to-the-lands length

    I'm new to handloading and I'm having a difficult time finding what my maximum length is, both for my hunting rifle (Tikka t3x in 7 mag) and my for-fun range rifle (Ruger American Predator in 223 rem). I'm developing a load for the Ruger. I'd like to find out what the length to the lands of this...
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    Arizona Hunters Education

    I'm a Utah resident but my in-laws are in Arizona. Going to be visiting them for a week in June so I thought it would be a good chance to get away and get my Arizona hunters education done to take advantage of that extra point. Confused about how to schedule my field day, though. I've visited...
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    Primer pocket on Norma 223 brass

    I have a 450+ pieces of once-shot norma brass that came from this type ammunition. Shot both our of semi-auto and bolt action rifles. The primer pockets have these three little indentations. I'm not sure if I should do anything differently when prepping this brass. I primered a few and the...
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    Frankford Arsenal Intelli-dropper

    Anyone have any experience with this auto powder measure? I was about to pull the trigger on a chargemaster lite...literally getting my credit card out...when I randomly ran into this Frankford Arsenal measure online. Wondering if it is the better choice. Any insights appreciated.
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    Got a problem and considering hanging up this handloading thing

    I'm in a bind and I don't know what to do. Its a long story but basically I started hunting and handloading a year ago. Everything started fine...worked up a few loads for my new tikka t3x in 7mm rem mag. 140gr accubonds, remington brass, R22 using a Lee Breech Lock press and RCBS dies. Loaded...
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    Upgrading Scale

    I started loading a year ago. Began with a Lee Breech Lock kit. I've been using this scale, and this digital scale to double check my loads. I'm kind of sick of the Lee scale. It is difficult to set the .1 gr increments, takes a while to settle, changing the settings is difficult, can't be...
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    Credit card for applications

    Was wondering if those that apply in multiple states have a dedicated card, or at least a specific card, that they use to for their applications. I just put in for the Wyoming draw for the first time. 99% odds I'd get a refund on my pronghorn tag fee so I paid the application and stamp portion...
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    "...get away from the road..." - what does it mean?

    I just started hunting last year and ended up loving it. I'm making my short and long-term plans for hunting elk every year either in my home state of Utah or in Arizona, Colorado, or Wyoming. I'm consuming every bit of information I can on elk hunting including watching Big Fin's series on...
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    What is with the hype around Coues deer?

    Just started hunting this year and I'm trying to formulate my plan of which states to build points in. Wondering if Coues deer should be a part of my plan. I feel like people on this forum either talk about how great it is to hunt them, or how "meh" they are. I'm coming from Utah. Building elk...
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    Jerky from elk burger

    Can you make jerky out of elk burger that has ~15% beef fat mixed into it? I've got too much burger on my hand and I'd like to make jerky out of it using a jerky gun. Kind of regret asking my butcher to put so much fat into it...but if I can still make jerky out of it then it'll be all good. Thanks
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    Bullets Being Shaved During Seating

    I'm a new reloader and I've run into a problem that I just can't solve. Started out by getting this Lee kit. Was getting ready for my 2018 hunts...loaded 30 rounds of a load I had developed: 7mm rem mag, 140gr Accubonds remington brass, 68.2g R22, Winchester primers. Practiced with all of them...