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    Coal Bankruptcies and Landowner Tags

    Two major Appalachian coal companies have filed for bankruptcy in the past few weeks. Under Hunter Access Agreements with Kentucky, those two companies are entitled to 14 fully transferable elk tags a year. I’m curious how the estates/creditors/courts will handle those tags. An enterprising...
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    6.5 - Swede or [Redacted - Rhymes with Swede]?

    I've been glass, stalking, retreating, glassing, stalking, etc., for a while now, but the time has finally come. I have to pick an animal, settle in, and squeeze the trigger. My quarry is a Sauer 100 Classic in a 6.5, but the only unanswered question is which one. There's not a nickel's...
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    Crossbows - CenterPoint Any Good?

    It's not real archery. You should just use a rifle or a compound. They shouldn't be legal during archery season. The horror. The horror. Good, now we've gotten all of that off our chests. Kentucky allows crossbows to be used for and intermediate season length, and for my personal...
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    Trumps Harvest Two Kentucky Public Land Bulls

    It appears that Donald, Jr. and Donald III took back to back bull elk on permits issued to Booth Energy under a public access program. Junior got one last year, too, that word has it was a a very nice bull. Good for them, but I wish Junior would be a stronger advocate for public lands for...
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    Podcast Bingo

    I've spent the past few months listening to the podcasts during my commutes, baby feedings, and other free moments. To celebrate (mourn?) having listened to all of them, I decided to create a bingo game of Randy-isms. Feel free to chime in with your own replacement squares and play along...
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    Backpack hunting boot input

    After a failure of my old Asolo 520s, I find myself in search of replacements. The boots were solid and endured abuse well, but they experienced the sole delamination that seems to be a trend with this model - they're fine until the mid-sole quite literally disintegrates. Granted, I had mine...
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    Thanks to Randy...!

    Can't really delve into specifics (pesky ethics rules), but after listening to hours of the HT podcast, I am now familiar with the public trust doctrine. And I just had an opportunity to cite Martin v. Waddell's Lessee in a legal opinion. Pretty proud moment for a fellow desk jockey! You're...
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    300 H&H Magnum Load

    I'm getting back into hunting after a near decade of absence. Just before I was going to spring for a new rifle, I inherited a cache of arms from my grandfather-in-law, which included a '56 serial Model 70 in 300 H&H. While a bit much gun for most of my needs, it's hard to justify buying new...
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    Why Are Elk Flying Over Knott County (Kentucky)?
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    Central Wyoming Safari

    Am making long-term plans to try for my first western hunt in 2019 and trying to talk some friends into it. I'm not looking to accumulate points anywhere for a variety of reasons. Nor am I an antler hunter - can't eat 'em, can't hang 'em (not the wife's style). Wyoming seems to be a good...
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    Kentucky checking in

    New guy here from Kentucky. Found Randy when preparing for the what-if of drawing a Kentucky elk tag (don't act like you haven't spent that $400m Powerball in your head before), and stayed for the combination of hunting and conservation talk. Am troubled by threats to public lands (even here)...