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  1. hank4elk

    How many deer on average do you see per hunting day?

    Too many deer to count and 10 shooter bucks in a day in old days CA. I'd see a dozen deer just getting to the hwy 3 mi away on way to work or back,10 years ago. Same with UT,old days. Tons of deer in a day with several shooters. SW NM, 40 deer with 2 smoker bucks in a season,old days. I saw 2...
  2. hank4elk

    77 year old father "I gotta start hunting easier country"

    As BD said drawing a tag can be tough. But I have seen the odds in other states and that's a moot point these days. I can name several good elk units that are 6-9k, mostly flat country compared to the Sangres. Most any unit in NM can hold big bulls. Deer are different story. PM me.
  3. hank4elk

    HT Christmas Card Seasons Greetings

    Before the heavy snow & the rain washed it all away. I'm a minimalist decorator.
  4. hank4elk

    Keep up with the Jones's

    Decided to retire @ 54 when offered the opportunity 10 yrs ago. I could have tried to recoup the major losses in 07'/09' to my retirement savings,but nothing would pay a fraction and cost more just going to work. I bailed. I live small and buy quality stuff as I can ,if needed. I know no...
  5. hank4elk

    Dogs and Chocolate

    Glad he is doing OK. Almost lost a GS gal to her gluttony years back. Rio still does not understand why he can't lick the ice cream bowl after my dose of banana on vanilla with chocolate....I clean it out & give him some milk.
  6. hank4elk

    Most difficult to harvest??

    No & doubt I ever would. Like them too much, & coon tastes like gamey greased chewy meat, with a funky after taste,if you ask me
  7. hank4elk

    Most difficult to harvest??

    I have watched them not far from Reserve really,along with Coues. Funny critters for sure to watch. As bad as coons in camp too.
  8. hank4elk

    USFS suddenly shuts public roads prior to elk hunt

    A dozen or so years back hunters headed into the Sierra's for a "Migration" storm,the time when you can pick them off trails & stories are told for years. I had filled my tag a few days before and was finishing closing the cabin til spring. I knew a big one was coming. In an hour after the snow...
  9. hank4elk

    Most difficult to harvest??

    Hardest I have done is big coastal Blacktails, followed by Coues deer. Taken many Blacktails in my day ,a few fine ones. One Coues buck. Mature Mule deer buck today is way up there, along with a 400" + bull . I can find them still ,but not with a tag in my I tried spot & stalk...
  10. hank4elk

    Game Bags - Proper Use

    ....and the same bottle washes a lot of loads of laundry. Takes a tablespoon per load. Did no one here have Depression parents?
  11. hank4elk

    Arizona Elk Hunt

    Well Done!
  12. hank4elk

    Game Bags - Proper Use

    I rarely use bleach anymore,even for my clothes. I use peroxide , & A&H washing soda on the bags.
  13. hank4elk

    The different way we think

    I was hassled when I had CA plates. For no reason at times in gas stations,stores or cafes. In UT,AZ,OR,MT,CO & NM. The stink eye ended it usually without comment. I did get bugged in CA with NM plates 8 yrs ago by a Fresno cop,for no reason. No ticket before I left the state. Mud on...
  14. hank4elk

    Recommendations for Elk Hunt - New Mexico

    I believe he does. I heard hunting is allowed, very limited & don't ask price....,like the lodging. Met his ranch lodging manager once,nice gal. A whole slew of smaller than Ladder Ranches with similar pricing. Tons of wanna be's now.... LO tag system got keelhulled last year. Smaller than...
  15. hank4elk


    I saw this here & elsewhere ,could not bring myself to watch. Never understood animal cruelty. I get cruelty to humans & it is usually self fulfilling. Felony charges & lifetime ban would be a start. I think kids like this will always be effed up & a lost cause. Their parents could spend a...
  16. hank4elk

    NE New Mexico Quail

    I see very few quail in NM,anywhere.
  17. hank4elk

    Landscapes (pics)

    Ventana Arch in The Malpais
  18. hank4elk

    USFS suddenly shuts public roads prior to elk hunt

    Feels like winter 10 years ago too. There was snow on ground before this storm. But what do I know,except I'm 4 hrs away & will not be getting THE CALL anymore. Good luck & good hunting. 14deg & windy here,rained on the snow then a few inches blew in. Nice & crunchy.
  19. hank4elk

    USFS suddenly shuts public roads prior to elk hunt

    2Rocky linked one article. Trees down on roads compounded by deep wet snow. 18"-24" I heard right before this storm, & they get feet of snow. I've seen 5 feet in Flagg. AZ GF closed the office outside town on Lake Mary rd. today. Last weather video I saw @ 5pm showed more than a foot new &...
  20. hank4elk

    USFS suddenly shuts public roads prior to elk hunt

    It's gotten "Real Western" here today...rained on the snow then heavy wet snow piling up.