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  1. sluggo6850

    Elk cartridge

    I drew my first elk tag this year, so i'm trying to figure out what my best options are for a cartridge. I have a Tika .270 wsm. I have been looking on line and there don't seem to be very many options out there. If anyone has any experience with this caliber I would appreciate your opinions...
  2. sluggo6850

    SWFA rifle scope

    Hey everyone, I have a rifle scope question. I'm wondering if anyone has used a SWFA ss 3 x 15 x 42 scope? The price is pretty decent and the reviews have been pretty good. Thanks for your input!
  3. sluggo6850

    SD west river deer

    Finally got an any deer tag this year after 3 years of waiting. We hunted national grasslands with plenty of other hunters, but that helped to keep them moving. This is definitely not a huge buck by any means, but I am happy with it. Large bucks in this area are very hard to come by. Congrats...
  4. sluggo6850

    Mothers Day

    Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there in Hunt Talker land. Hope you have a nice enjoyable day. Cherish all of your memories of good times with mom!!
  5. sluggo6850

    SD deer tags way down this year

    Might have a little trouble drawing deer tags in SD this year PIERRE – The number of South Dakota deer hunting licenses is expected to drop substantially this year due to habitat loss and a disease that thrives in dry weather, said Game, Fish and Parks Commission Chairman John Cooper. The...
  6. sluggo6850

    window mount for optics

    I currently have an inexpensive window mount that is hard to get settled in to the right position. So I am looking a upgrading and am wondering which one you guys like. I have been looking at the vanguard ph 242, but I haven't been able to find one to try it out. Thanks for any help you might be...
  7. sluggo6850

    Well it is Friday!

    Time for some music
  8. sluggo6850

    pretty cool video,

    don't know they filmed it but it is pretty good!
  9. sluggo6850

    friday tunes

    Well here it is Friday again! There hasn't been much action on the music front lately so lets see what we can do about it:D ( probably most of you are where you should be, out hunting!!)
  10. sluggo6850

    Friday music

    Well here it is FRIDAY, time for some music good luck to all of the hunters this weekend
  11. sluggo6850

    Friday music

    here it is Friday again, lets get it started
  12. sluggo6850

    Bad day on the home front

    The day started out good for me, I'm fishing in northern Mn. And then about 8:30 this morn I got a call from my wife and she says our house was broke into rand. 7 this am. She was in the bedroom and heard a noise in one of the other rooms and went out to see what was going on. In the bedroom...
  13. sluggo6850

    Friday music

    Well here it is another Friday, lets start some tunes
  14. sluggo6850


    I have a problem and am wondering if any of you guys have it also. My right foot is about a half size bigger then my left. If I wear boots to fit my left foot the right toes hit the front, and if i wear them to fit my right the left is too big. if anyone has gone thru this I would appreciate...
  15. sluggo6850

    end of the week music

    start it off with some hank Jr.
  16. sluggo6850

    season 4

    Wow this was quick, I ordered season 4 after Randy mentioned it about a week ago and I got it in the mail today!! can't wait to see it as I don't get the sportsman's channel. Also got a large decal for the truck and a sew on oyoa emblem.
  17. sluggo6850

    over the limit

    This is an article that was in the local newspaper in the editorials. I have never heard of such a law, just wondering if any of you guys have ever run into something like this. First of all, I would like to thank all the people and fellow fisherman who wrote letters in my defense. Now it’s...
  18. sluggo6850

    Friday music

    Well here it is friday again, I'll start it off. sure would like to try some of that moonshine :eek:
  19. sluggo6850

    end of the yanks!!

    Being a Twinkies fan I am really happy to see the new yank yorkies go down in 4:hump:
  20. sluggo6850

    how to pack out a deboned elk

    This is kind of comical