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  1. the nikster

    Please help me understand...

    I sometimes go hunting with knives, rifle and rope but no tag. I’m not going to poach, I’m going for my sanity. If the ol guy takes a 300 yard shot at a deer 518 yards away he’ll still be sitting there with a tag in the late afternoon. No problem with that, I’ve missed plenty. Im glad you...
  2. the nikster

    Any experiences with Airbnb?

    I’ve used AirBnB in probably 20 states, Estonia, Belize, Mexico and Martinique. We do our homework checking reviews and arrive with a good attitude. Once I got stuck on an island with no ac. It sucked but it was right there in the description. A couple others were not as great as described but...
  3. the nikster

    What are your 2020 plans?

    My oldest grandchild will be turning 12 and next year will be his first hunting season. He called me up the other day and asked me if I could save opening day of deer in Idaho to take him hunting. No way do I miss that. My youngest daughter moved into my cabin in Alaska and wants me to hunt...
  4. the nikster

    How to approach?

    I would try ambushing him on the way out in the evening. If you know his normal morning ritual, then the converse is his ‘normal’ evening ritual. In the morning he is well fed, watered and very wary. In the evening he is hungry and thirsty, potentially less vigilant. I have watched elk rise out...
  5. the nikster

    How far away?

    I don’t get to hunt elk as much now as I did when I was younger, I just cannot endure the pain as much. My last few cows were all shot fairly close to the truck. Hunting with kids and old men will limit the range but does promote hunting. I don’t mind hunting cows uphill if I can drag them down...
  6. the nikster

    Idaho unit 11 Mule deer rut

    Every bar in America has this figured out. Give the pretty ladies a drink for half price or less. They will come. The rutting boys will be right behind them with more desire than brains. Check out google earth or whatever system you like. Look for green in the middle of brown, usually in a deep...
  7. the nikster

    For Sale: Pristine Ventures Kork Raft

    Alright, I’ll bite. How do I pay you? We can send a personal check or PayPal or Venmo or even wire transfer, which do you prefer? I have hunted in Sand Springs, some really nice Mulies on my wall from there. I’ll have you send it here, Oklahoma.
  8. the nikster

    Finally got my piece of the Alaskan dream!

    Congratulations. We have been on a similar path going on 10 years now. Pick up some bug spray.
  9. the nikster

    Extra Stupid Window Stickers

    My daughter makes stickers with some crafty thing she has. Every time I get a new animal, she makes me a paw or antler or whatever sticker for my window. They are on the truck and I make no apologies for the stickers or my douche-baggedness. I also totally agree with the fact that hunter have...
  10. the nikster

    This Should Be Interesting

    We had a pretty good run my friend. I had an old 45 record where the voice asked a question then a short blurb from a song was played in response. Voice: what did you say when you fell off the tilt a whirl? Song: I’m so dizzy my head is spinning. If your interview is chopped up with little...
  11. the nikster

    Caribou Hunt Logistics

    I got a nice caribou a bunch of years back, not a record, but nice. I cut the antlers off like normal then pulled the tops in. This weakened the skull plate to where I could snap it in half. I bought a cheap hose, cut it up and taped a piece onto every point. Then I nested the two antlers...
  12. the nikster

    Summer Alaska Fishing Trip/Honeymoon

    Ketchikan is an option as well. A quick flight to POW, rent a truck and fish like heck. I landed 3 kinds of Salmon in 1 day. Plenty of other fishes as well, including halibut. Not sure what the limits are. I rented a cabin with a truck and boat for a week. $4000 split 4 ways for a week was...
  13. the nikster

    Backcountry sleeping bag

    If you get too hot, you might be sleepy all day. If you get too cold you might be dead. I would get the warmer bag if I only get 1.
  14. the nikster

    Idaho Elk 2019

    As idelkslayer infers, your odds of drawing a tag goes down if applied as a group. 4 individuals have 4 separate numbers entered in the draw while a group app only has 1 number entered. Further, if only 3 or fewer tags remain when your group of 4 is drawn, no tags are issued and another number...
  15. the nikster

    First out west DIY hunt

    Good advice there. A lot of units in Idaho would allow you to hunt OTC for deer in an area right around elk season. If you saw a bunch of elk it could give you confidence for a return trip. Just remember that Idaho does limit the non res tags in most areas so you may need to buy a tag in...
  16. the nikster

    Why oh why

    I miss very few birds, ducks, geese, pheasants, chuckers whatever. However, I consistently miss 15 out of 15 clays. I don’t typically waste the last 10. All I can figure is someone switches my shot for blanks.
  17. the nikster

    If you like alaska books

    Got it, love it.
  18. the nikster

    Win a new Bowtech Realm (two days to enter)

    Thanks Bowtech. Thanks Randy. Just another reason to promote this community. Good people.
  19. the nikster

    Bipod vs shooting sticks

    I hunted, pretty successfully, without any bipod or shooting sticks of any kind for about 25 years. Then I mounted a decent bipod to my old reliable. I did great at the range. For some reason I could not hit a thing in the field from the bipod. Maybe I mounted it wrong. I missed several deer...