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  1. adamgoodwin_23

    Rifle tag filled

    Heavy buck! Awesome, congrats
  2. adamgoodwin_23

    93 bucks looked at, tired of looking, so,,,,

    Awesome! What state? Sounds like one that knows how to manage game!
  3. adamgoodwin_23

    My boy laid the smackdown this morning!

  4. adamgoodwin_23

    SE MT Mule Deer Live Hunt 2019

  5. adamgoodwin_23

    Heading out for muzzy idaho 61 on saturday

    Some old rubs
  6. adamgoodwin_23

    Heading out for muzzy idaho 61 on saturday

    Definitely cold
  7. adamgoodwin_23

    Heading out for muzzy idaho 61 on saturday

    Some lower brush country
  8. adamgoodwin_23

    Heading out for muzzy idaho 61 on saturday

    Oh man... 61 is a rought unit, especially for a disabled guy. Took my dad out and spent around 23 hours of time hunting. Drive him around and set him up in a chair to glass while I hiked. Pretty much covered 1 side of the unit to the other. Tons of pressure up there mixed with 8 inches of frozen...
  9. adamgoodwin_23

    Wisco archery buck

  10. adamgoodwin_23

    Out of the woodwork

    It's amazing how well they hide out in the desert. Nice buck!
  11. adamgoodwin_23

    Wyoming preference points?

    Thanks for the info gents. I figured I have a few years to do some real research on it. I just wasnt sure when to dump points. I'm excited to hunt Wyoming. Idaho is getting bad at how they manage their game
  12. adamgoodwin_23

    Wyoming preference points?

    So, this year a buddy and decided to start buying preference points for Wyoming. We are going to buy one every year for elk, deer, and pronghorn. How many points does it take to draw a descent unit in each? I need to do a ton of research on it still, he just talked me into it before the...
  13. adamgoodwin_23

    VA public land buck

    That's a dandy
  14. adamgoodwin_23

    Beat by another "hunter"

    Sometimes seeing nature like that is better than tagging out. Probably wont ever get a chance to see it again. My wife was with me when I spotted a lion walking a ridgeline one year, she still talks about it to this day.
  15. adamgoodwin_23

    Heading out for muzzy idaho 61 on saturday

    Thank you for the info, gents. I'll be sure to keep a look out. I hope my dad tags out, I'm good with tag soup if I don't see a mature buck. The woods are my personal therapy, I just love being out there. Meat is just a bonus. I'll have to post some pictures next week.
  16. adamgoodwin_23

    Heading out for muzzy idaho 61 on saturday

    Well, after eating tag soup with my general non res deer tag, I'll be heading up to 61. I have the late season muzzy either sex deer and muzzy spike or cow. I'm taking my 67 year old disabled father as well. Hoping for some descent weather and and seeing some animals. My dad will tip over pretty...
  17. adamgoodwin_23

    Snapped a long drought

    Whitetails don't grow like that in Idaho 😳
  18. adamgoodwin_23

    Public Land Bear

    I'm still learning bear hunting myself, but creek bottoms with shade/berries/fruit are good. Also, the advice I've been given is glass glass glass glass. Good luck
  19. adamgoodwin_23

    New to the Forum.

    Welcome, disabled Marine Vet myself. Always good to see brothers out here medicating and decompressing with nature!
  20. adamgoodwin_23

    Idaho Unit 52A for deer

    There is only one way to hunt 52A. Find the tallest hill around, hike to the top, and glass all morning and all evening with a spotter. There are millions of little fingers that they bed down in and sage brush as far as the eye can see. Its rough country and the rocks will tear up boots quick...