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    Volunteering for meat hauling around Steamboat, CO

    Sounds good I hunted around Bucyrus about 15 years ago. Hunt mainly around BG now. I also have 3 deer points I have been looking at ML deer maybe next year or the year after depends on what else I have going on.
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    Volunteering for meat hauling around Steamboat, CO

    Where were you last fall! I might be back next fall for ML season and keep you in mind. Awesome area to live in.
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    Best Colorado rifle season

    My Dad and I hunted 1st season this year and I was able to take a nice 6pt the 2nd day of season. It was warm and very bright at night with the moon. We were hunting around 10K and my bull bugled right before he showed up. We heard bugling everyday we were out there.
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    Congrats Nice bull! The desire will grow stronger to be there as often as possible now.
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    Colorado 1st Season

    Dad and I had a good week of hunting. I ended up seeing 2 bulls the day I shot mine and 1 spike with my Dad the next day. I got my biggest bull so far and it was nice not having to carry this one out on my back! Good Luck everyone on the next seasons.
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    Colorado 1st Season

    My Dad and I leave Tuesday afternoon. Getting stoked for the trip. Good luck and be safe everyone.
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    Hunting Alone

    I did a solo backpack elk hunt last year in CO. I definitely dealt with thoughts of what was I doing and could I pull this off. It helped that I seemed to run into someone at least once a day. I figured out that during mid day if climbed up on a more open ridge I could get a phone call out so I...
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    How far away?

    I got my 2nd elk ever last fall with my muzzleloader. It was a 30 yard shot and my camp was 7.19 miles in, verified by GPS track function, from the trail head. I was solo and got all the meat out in about 34 hours in 3 trips. I figure it was about 7 miles to where I shot the cow since it was...
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    Mt.zerkil wilderness

    The trailhead that I used is posted “no overnight camping” even in vehicles. I have no idea if they enforced it or not but there was a house right next to it. I am coming back out but my 70 year old Dad sprung for a guided rifle hunt in a different unit. This will be my 1st guided elk hunt and I...
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    Mt.zerkil wilderness

    I ran into 1 group of archery Elk hunters coming out with a cow last year. They told me that the elk were up above 8600. I ran into 1 other backpack hunter 4 horse camps, 1 outfitter group came by me 2 times. I was 7 miles in using a trailhead that a lot of hikers use. I did take a cow elk with...
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    Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

    Great area to visit and I am trying to figure out a time to come up and backpack the trail for a different view.
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    CO Draw Results?

    I am headed back out to Colorado this Fall with my Dad
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    Prayers for Topgun

    Prayers to Topguns family. I messaged him back and forth several times on different forums. We got it from here Mike.
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    Latest Thoughts on Tents?

    I used a Kelty Trail Ridge 2 last year in Colorado and it worked fine. Might have been cozy for 2 people however it has 2 doors and a vestibule on each side so you could leave gear outside. Kelty also has great customer service after a bear ripped my fly and bent a tent pole. They fixed the tent...
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    Dumb Injuries

    In February 9, 2009 I took a day off work to go ice fishing. The lake had great ice with no snow and I did not have spikes on. Slipped on a frozen snowmobile trail and went straight down on my left knee. Self rescued with my Dad and a friend, rode 1 1/2 hours to my parents house, then drove...
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    Thoughts on taking my 70 year old Dad Elk Hunting

    Very good points I am going to be at my Parents tomorrow and will discuss it with him further.
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    Thoughts on taking my 70 year old Dad Elk Hunting

    I am looking for input on what direction I should look for taking my 70 year old Dad Elk Hunting. He has hunted Elk 3 times and never been successful over the years. The last trip I took him on was disastrous as he slipped on opening morning and tore his meniscus which left him in camp or only...
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    First ever archery elk!

    Congrats looks like you had a great time
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    Trip to Yellowstone with the family

    We stayed in Gardiner 2 summers ago with our Motorhome and I noticed lots of lodging. I don't know the cost but we made it into Lamar Valley everyday easily. We are looking into a return trip and very well might stay there again.