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    Bison released in Badlands

    Anyone see this? Pretty cool:
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    Ithaca Model 37, 1941 serial number, not functioning well

    So I've had this 16 gauge given to me by my Dad years ago sitting in my gun case and decided to start shooting it yesterday. The first day shooting skeet it locked up pretty bad coz it I didn't think about lubing it before taking it out. A guy at the range had some lube to put on it and it...
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    On My Own (backyard) Adventure - Pic Heavy

    Sign was everywhere I looked: Even more: Preparations for the kill(s) were made. A blind was set up and sight lanes were determined: Zeroing in process at 12 yards: Not a gun dog at all: Bagged my quarry X2! Stay tuned for more exciting OMOBYA!
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    What exactly is this?

    Activ 3 1/4 dr.-1 oz, 2 1/4 inch what exactly is in it? Doh, I know I could cut it open but don't want to.
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    If you went hunting on a whim

    where and what hunt would you do? Me, I'd find it hard to choose on whim....elk, deer....wherever I could get an OTC tag for which I could adequately prepare, ie, do some scouting, is within a reasonable distance from me.
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    OCR used for vehicle plates, and guns

    Just started hearing about this, maybe old news to others:
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    No Greater Love

    Watch this movie, it’ll give you more appreciation for, and insight into what those in combat face in the field and when they come home after.
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    I held and AR 15 in my hand and wished I hadn't

    In case you missed it and don't get the pic: Sheila Jackson Lee
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    Iron sights

    I'm interested in learning about how to get the most possible out of shooting iron sights. Came across this guy shooting WWII Swiss gun to 1.3 miles: Long range shooting I'm not going to do away with scope shooting any time soon, but, wow, 1.3 hitting anything at all is wild let alone with...
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    Need pointers on muzzleloaders please

    As the thread title implies, I need some muzzleloader help. Next year in Nevada I will put the boy in for a junior hunt which will allow him to hunt archery, muzzle or rifle on one tag. I think, with a lot of work and help from a shop we're acquainted with, we've got the archery covered. But the...
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    Anti Hunter Businesses

    Not sure if this the right place for this but here goes: I’m done with any business that caves to anti gun or anti hunter pressures. Walmart, REI, North Face, etc, etc. I’ll find other ways to source what I need - over and out.
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    It is important to share the whiskey list at Holstein's here in Vegas:
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    Your Favorite Rifle

    What's your favorite rifle? Lemme see it. Currently mine is the Vanguard S2 243 shown in this pic:
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    Wood Stocks

    There's a whole of opinions out there about synthetics vs wood but that's not what this is about. Couple years ago WM was running an irresistible mark down on Vanguards, the wood stock versions caught my eye and I bought 3 of them. I would like to protect the stocks from any marring as much as...
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    243 BC

    I'm really liking the 243 Weatherby Vanguard S2 I picked up a couple years ago and want to get as much out of it as possible. It's topped with a VX3i CDS/Windplex, like that a lot, too. Just shooting common ammo works pretty good, just killed a lope with it at 395 yards using Remington Core...
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    Deer weather

    Snow pushes animals down to their winter range, right? This got me and my boy to talking about, and hoping for, an early hard winter where we'll be after mulies. Then I started poking around for evidence that an early winter might be at hand and came across which led me to this: Farmer's...
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    It ain't over till it's over

    I'm a first time pronghorn hunter who got awarded a tag in unit 10 Nevada. Huge area and last couple weekends I've been all over it. Seen a lot of lopes and took a couple unsuccessful shots so I'm going back next weekend to take one last whack at it. Sure is a lot of them buggers lolling about...
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    Spotting Scope Help

    My scope got misplaced, as in I think it got lifted. So now, I need to pick out another one. Since I wasn't really happy with the performance of the Vortex Diamondback I'm going to purchase something better in quality/value. Question is, what might be the best value for a $1,000 scope?
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    Nevada 101-109 son, 12 years old, got awarded an alternate tag for antlered mule deer in this area (Ruby Valley). I'm already excited!
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    10/22 scope?

    I realize there are tons of scope posts here on HT, some of them are even mine. My boy just bought a 10/22 and we would like to ask those who have the 10/22 and have decided to top it with a scope to let me know what you used. There's just to many choices out there and it would be great to...