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  1. danwolf

    First antelope

    By the advice of a member here I tried going for a special Wyoming tag and drew my last choice and turned out to be on my normal days I have to work...but as my work project turned out I had days off starting Wednesday. Shot my rifle Thursday, dropped it on my stairs before going to the range...
  2. danwolf

    Accuracy question

    Okay I have a older Sako 75 .308, 1/11 twist. Shooting 165 grain hornady SST's I'm getting sub moa 5 shot groups at 100 yards and have been happy with that, but at 200 yards I'm all over the place. I'm shooting on sand bags and on a real flimsy wood bench at the range. I'm thinking trying...
  3. danwolf

    What sight - has been figured out

    Shooting a 2018 Hyperforce. #3 Cam @ 70 lbs. Currently have a Axcel AccuHunter one pin on it. My previous bow had a 5 pin and I liked it, hunting with the 1 pin sight this year really was frustrating. Looking to go to a 5 pin slider, or just a really durable 5 pin fixed. Are those Black...
  4. danwolf

    New Here

    Just joined here, looking to learn more about western hunting. I've hunted public land since I was 12 growing up in Vermont. I live in Texas now and hunt the rare public land there and have branched out to Arizona this past year for their OTC Archery season chasing mule deer. That was a...