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    Processing antelope quarters

    What is everyone doing with their antelope quarters? Anyone have a guide or video on what chunks of meat to grind and what to save for steaks or roasts?
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    Prairie dog hunting in KS or NE

    I am looking to go prairie dog hunting in either Kansas or Nebraska sometime this summer. Last time I was able to go was almost 10 years ago and we only had a few hours to shoot since I was helping a friend move out to NW Kansas. I know plague and poisoning has really reduced the population...
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    FOUND- EXO 5500

    I am looking to purchase an EXO mountain 5500 pack in preferably coyote or multicam with a small belt. Please let me know and we can try and work out a deal.
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    Exo Mountain 5500 vs MR vs Stone Glacier

    I have been researching packs and have narrowed down my top choices to the Exo Mountain 5500 pack. The top contenders were the MR Marshall and Metcalf and the Stone Glacier 6200 and 6900. I am interested to hear from those that have used the Exo 5500 and the other packs listed above to help...
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    Hello from Central IN

    Hey guys, first time here and I'm planning a WY antelope hunt this fall. This will be my first time big game hunting and I'm really looking forward to spending some time hunting on BLM land. I look forward to researching and talking to you guys about my upcoming hunt this fall. Thanks Kyle