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    Arkansas Ouachita Mountain Hunt

    Great write up and pics! I have been looking at doing a few backpack whitetail hunts closer to home and the Ouachita's are on the list. Great job!
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    Best Antelope/Mule Deer Caliber?

    Guy I hear ya on that. I have numerous mags ( all pre 64 model 70's) and my old classic stainless Model 70 in .270, that I bought new in 1998, always goes with me. Elk, mulie, antelope, whitetail, groundhog, and god knows what else have fallen to that rifle. Just had it out yesterday with my...
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    What’s too cold to tent camp.

    We survived temps in the mid teens and winds in the 30's (-5 wind chill) in a Jimmy tarps Hudson and Liteoutdoors 18" stove two weeks ago in NM. I will be honest I was up every 45 minutes feeding the stove but I never got cold. 20 degree Hammock Gear Econ Burrow quilt and Alps Mountaineering...
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    Llama Drama - A Tale of Sloth

    I love the corolla pic! Now I don't feel so bad keeping the F250 home this week when I drive the Audi Q7 to NM... ( using friends truck once there). The 28 MPG is way better on the wallet than 13 in the truck. Great Story and pics too! Awesome!
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    CO Kicked My A$$

    I ran into altitude sickness back in 1998 during my first trip to Colorado as a 24 year old still in college athlete shape. Just as you described. The next 4 years I took Diamox and had zero issues. I then didn't head back out until 2014 when we moved to NM. Since I was living at 5300 feet I...
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    Solo Wyoming hunt

    Very nice job!! I am getting close to 46 and still love hitting the mountains with camp on my back. In fact I am heading out next Friday in New Mexico to do just that. There is something magical about being out there enjoying it all!
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    6.5 Grendel vs .243 win

    Yep, same friend who's daughter has taken with 243 has also taken deer with a 222 rem and Nosler's.
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    6.5 Grendel vs .243 win

    I don't own a Grendel, but I do have first hand experience with both my older daughters shooting their Winchester model 70 FWT in .243 ( I swapped out the regular stock for a cut down one). Reduced loads with H4895 which was mentioned above is the way to go. 95 gr Ballistic tips with 22 gr...
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    Universal Gun Bearer Question

    Yeah I run Montana Rifle Slings and I just tighten it up when in the Gun Bearer. No issues.
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    Hot tents

    Nice. I took my first western hunting trip in 1998 at the ripe old age of 24, driving out from Ohio, in unit 57/58. Took a cow elk home with me. Then started hunting above Edwards in 1999 and took my first Mule deer buck in 2000 ( 28" 5x5) and my biggest ( 32.5" wide 3x5) in 2002. Beautiful...
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    Hot tents

    Yeah a bag dump would be cool. I am still guilty of packing way to much stuff whether it is food, clothes, extra muzzleloader stuff.etc.. This year though I am hoping to put that in the past. One extra merino shirt, one extra merino undies, one extra pair of merino socks. Thats all... rest...
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    Hot tents

    Yeah I do run a pad. An Alps engineering one. I have used it at 11,800 feet in Southern CO, up in the Pecos Wilderness in NM, up over Edwards CO, Unit 58/57, I currently am getting ready to break the seal on my current setup. I don't get cold, but my partner does. I have woke up some...
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    Hot tents

    Yeah the stove I have weighs 2.5 pounds with the 7 foot stove pipe. My pack usually weighs around 70-80. This year it will be on the closer to 70 side. I upgraded my bag to a quilt, and upgraded the tent from an REI 3 man ( 5-6 pounds) to the Hudson by Jimmy Tarps. I really don't need the...
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    Hot tents

    Take a look at Jimmy Tarps. He makes quality stuff, light with good materials. I run a Jimmy Tarps Hudson and Lite OUtdoors 18" cylinder stove with 7 foot stove pipe. Tyvec ground cloth. Add in my 20 degree quilt and the entire set up with 8 lightweight stakes = 6.5 pounds. Here it is...
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    MR nice frame/Guide lite differences

    Late reply as I took off for Vermont for work and didn't get back till Wednesday. As suggested earlier and confirmed by a quick phone call to a friend who has been running MR for years and years... I played with the load lifter adjustment and finally found the sweet spot. Can't seem to...
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    Sitka gun sling vs Kifaru gun bearer

    +1000 for gun bearer.
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    New Mexico Elk Gear List...prologue

    I just started gathering my kit up last night and checking off the boxes... A new quilt arrived from Hammock Gear two days ago and I am so glad I did it. My previous bag weighed around 6 pounds and I loaded everything on to the trigger scale last night. Hudson Teepee from Jimmy Tarps 18"...
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    MR nice frame/Guide lite differences

    Hey everyone. I have been running a Nice Crew Cab for a little over 4 years now and last spring I purchased a Guide Lite framed Marshall. With a late season New Mexico muzzy hunt coming up I have been training with 65 pounds of chains in the crew cab and hiking 3 miles a day for the past two...
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    Gander Outdoors 50% off Blackhorn

    I guess if they already sell and service RV/Rec vehicles, then they are staying open. Only the stores that are not set up for that are closing.