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    3rd FF HT league

    Not bragging or anything but I had 3 players in my lineup throw touchdown passes this week.
  3. kenton

    My oldest boy got his deer!

  4. kenton

    Looking for mule deer mount ideas.

    Awesome buck! To me, that buck screams to have it's head low. He carries the mass so well, I would consider full sneak with a right turn to show off the deeper fork. At the end of the day, probably can't pick a bad mount on a buck that nice.
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    2019 Whitetail Season- Tagged out in TN

  6. kenton

    My first non-spike

    Great job, congrats
  7. kenton

    Fun hunt with my old buddy

    great buck
  8. kenton

    Best Trail Cam Pictures

    a couple from years past including one from the 35mm days.
  9. kenton

    Sons first buck !!

  10. kenton

    MT Rifle Walker

    Welcome aboard
  11. kenton

    New Colorado Guy

    Welcome Chuck
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    One last tag

  13. kenton

    New Adult Hunter in Missouri

    Welcome, this forum has a ton of great info
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    Rattling for whitetails

    I've rattled in a ton of whitetails. However, the largest deer I've rattled at turned and ran from it. Just depends on the individual deer, some are fighters some aren't.
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    3rd FF HT league

    I lost by 1.72 points
  16. kenton

    SE MT Mule Deer Live Hunt 2019

    Good luck
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    Hello from Washington

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    Wisconsin archery

  19. kenton

    New from DC