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  1. Rainer

    West coast salmon recovery

  2. Rainer

    Muley Freak in trouble?

    This is the reason why I won't shop at Camofire/ Black Ovis
  3. Rainer


    Can we start a list on what Pitcher hasn't got TJ this season yet?
  4. Rainer


    Baltimore and the Yankees will be battling it out to win the AL East.
  5. Rainer

    The January Topic: KUIU vs Sitka!

    TBH it doesn't matter really what company you use. The hunting industry itself is 10 years behind in innovation and adapting new technologies compared to the backpacking/through hiking community
  6. Rainer

    The January Topic: KUIU vs Sitka!

    I'm a Kuiu guy now. Sitka lost me with their poor customer service and getting rid of the ground forest pattern that they had in Europe. I'm also shocked the Barklow just realized that people like side zips on their pants. Go Figure?
  7. Rainer

    AZ Desert Bighorn

    That's AWESOME! Congrats
  8. Rainer

    I can't believe they can't fill these positions!

    I guess more issues to consider is what are the conditions like, for say a young family. Are the schools good? do they even have a school there? is their work that a spouse can get? what's the services like out there? You could make the salary $100k but if theirs nothing out their to attract...
  9. Rainer

    Ukraine / Russia

    I can't remember if Peter was the one that coined the term Genocidal Joe or not.
  10. Rainer

    I can't believe they can't fill these positions!

    They would get more applicants if they dropped the B.A requirement
  11. Rainer

    Couldn't not take a pic of this...

    That looks more like a Corgi than a deer IMO
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