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  1. Benfromalbuquerque

    Afraid for the next 6 months! Lets talk.

    To some of us, a pint of pistachio Talenti is one serving.
  2. Benfromalbuquerque

    Weight Loss Drugs

    I hope the Canada team told everyone they were sorry like true Canadians do.
  3. Benfromalbuquerque

    Weight Loss Drugs

    Do Canadians even get an opinion on this USA issue? I say you all should frig off and give yer balls a tug.
  4. Benfromalbuquerque

    The End of Environmental Regulations/Chevron

    Nobody’s favorite congresswoman spoke today at a hearing. It went over like a lead balloon in a Superfund field.
  5. Benfromalbuquerque

    “Alone” season 11 on History channel Thursday nights

    Doing the big sturdy shelter for winter. Hew solid posts for corners, stack thick walls for warmth. Burn immense calories with no reliable source of sustenance. Still get cold. Miss family and food. Go home in three weeks.
  6. Benfromalbuquerque

    The End of Environmental Regulations/Chevron

    Have we all considered the implications this has for TSA? Now all their bullshit interpretations and manifestations of authority are in jeopardy! This’ll be fun.
  7. Benfromalbuquerque

    RFKJr on Meateater

    And that’s extremely supported everywhere by everyone. Bipartisan vote 100% yea.
  8. Benfromalbuquerque

    Tired of Multiple Registrations

    Modern people have the attention span of a gerbil so please dumb it down when blasted to the school board.
  9. Benfromalbuquerque

    4 or 5 days

    I cast a vote suppose impulsively on what I knew was the correct answer. But you know what, it doesn’t matter. Scout as much as time allows and if it’s a day only then so be it.
  10. Benfromalbuquerque

    Spend my money on a chronograph

    Competition Electronics. USA owned and USA made. I own this one here and it gives an audible report after shot as well as Bluetooth (which triangulates in the software to record temp, barometric press). I’ve collected data on .270 Win, .308 Win, 30-06, .300 Win, 300WSM, .38spl, .357 Mag. As high...
  11. Benfromalbuquerque

    CWD- again and forever.

    A man could opine that WY elk feedlots are a huge vector for CWD spread too. But that’s just some asshat assuming the herds all packed tight on that feed ground could spread CWD; an opinion not science. So another study. *bonus hypothesis- there will be chronologically fewer animals every year...
  12. Benfromalbuquerque

    “Alone” season 11 on History channel Thursday nights

    Well yeah, but that one had years of suppressed emotions and that probably caused schizo-type dissociation. And then his normal kids acting normal, he couldn’t feel human with appropriate response. Which he internalized as a parental failure. Like major mental weight that he couldn’t ignore all...
  13. Benfromalbuquerque

    CWD- again and forever.

    Agreed and that business looks good for some with the continued stilted government response.
  14. Benfromalbuquerque

    CWD- again and forever.

    No matter what the origination of CWD, it is spreading and destroys cervid populations. If ignorance is permitted a seat at the table then they will to continue to deny, obfuscate, resist research. Deer hunting overall is far and away the most popular and profitable hunting in USA. Thousands of...
  15. Benfromalbuquerque

    Weight Loss Drugs

    If you’re asking for a friend, compounding pharmacies are cheaper.
  16. Benfromalbuquerque

    A loss for the PTD

    Did any other property owners on those other island patches build a residence?
  17. Benfromalbuquerque

    A loss for the PTD

    So then if this residence was built after the State code was on the books, it’s not permissible as a house. Don’t know if it matters in the bench decision.
  18. Benfromalbuquerque

    A loss for the PTD

    So this jackass resides in what is an island and well within the accepted flood plain. Zoning exists to keep white people from fighting Nature. Someone in WI should have brought up just how in hell that house was allowed.
  19. Benfromalbuquerque

    .44 mag hunting loads

    Back when Army/Navy surplus was all a guy needed for camouflage.

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