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    Colorado folks

    If you're willing to adapt your style to the conditions and terrain it seems to me knowing a unit is worth a lot. The alternative is to find a unit that suits your style and stick to it. I've hunted the same unit now since 2015. I've been on 4 rifle hunts for elk and 1 archery hunt for deer...
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    Colorado folks

    If you want to try the RFW route do your research. Some of the ranches are strict and some are pretty casual. What kind of hunt you get depends. I'd agree that your strategy on points isn't bad. I don't know that, in Colorado, getting more than 4 points in the bank is really worth it but...
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    Chest cold Remedies

    Usnea tincture
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    Got snow?

    Close to 2 feet at my house. I welcome the moisture. Had the day off of work due to the weather so I was able to get some work done around the house. If it had been a foot instead of 2 I would have gone skiing :)
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    New Bird Dog

    Ah, so much of dog training has so little to do with the dog! I've been hitting my head against that wall for two years now. I've had much better luck with my GSP when I lavish her with attention than I ever did getting frustrated with her. Grand looking dog!
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    CO Abert's Opener

    I had some really good "pulled squirrel" tacos at a wild game meet-up once.
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    Anyone seen the Rivian vehicles?

    I saw that too. Not only does the video look amateurish but the "truck" kind of does too. Not sure why someone can't just make a truck instead of making a car and calling it a truck. It looks like something out of "Logan's Run".
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    Ever get robbed on a hunt or traveling to and from a hunt

    Nope but a couple of years ago there was an article in the paper about a hunter near Gypsum had the rack stolen out of his pickup while packing out the rest of the 2AM. Someone...
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    Getting new binos. 10x42 or 10x50?

    If you don't mind the weight the larger exit pupil will always serve your better. The 10x50 exit pupil is almost the same as that of an 8x42.
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    Colorado wolf referendum, 168,000 signatures gathered.

    I think "Appropriated to the department" means the general assembly would dictate where the funds would come from. That could be from other state budget sectors or from the existing CPW budget. I think it's kind of a catchall phrase that means the state has to figure out how to pay for this...
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    Colorado wolf referendum, 168,000 signatures gathered.

    It sucks. I don't care one way or the other if there are wolves here in Colorado....or should I say more wolves. What I do detest are ballot initiatives forcing the issue.
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    Calibres you'd like to own

    I'd like to have a 45-70 and a 28 ga. Wouldn't mind a 45 Colt either.
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    Actual Weight of Meat - Can we be honest?

    We'll, I ain't gonna move it. I have two days left of this elk hunt and somebody up and moved all the elk someplace else!
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    Who or what got you into hunting and the outdoors?

    Growing up we just always camped, hiked and fished. Always thought everyone did until I got old enough to realize differently. The hunting part is my own impetus
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    Hunting with glasses?

    There are some lens cleaners that will help with the fogging. Sometimes spitting on them and then wiping them off helps a lot. Just have to be careful if there is grit on them or you'll scratch the lenses. I can't wear glasses except for basic around the house kind of stuff anymore but I wore...
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    Reccomended Gear for 1st Elk Hunt in 2020

    That makes sense. I haven't used my portable battery pack with my InReach (I have the old Delorme version) before since I have never been away from either the truck or other power source for long enough to need to. I bought the Anker I have just this fall for a solo bow hunt but only ended up...
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    Reccomended Gear for 1st Elk Hunt in 2020

    I'll be darned. Didn't know that. Kind of a raw deal on Garmin's part to make a Backcountry device without replaceable batteries and then not make it compatible with mobile chargers
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    Reccomended Gear for 1st Elk Hunt in 2020

    Really? Are you talking about the older units of the brand new one that is a full GPS and InReach in one package? Did it just not charge or did you get an error or something?
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    The Ghost of Colorado Point Creep Future

    I think it'll be a complete crap shoot.
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    Timber Hunting For Elk

    Prefer snow if it is fresh and cold (i.e. quiet). Otherwise a bit of moisture on the dry litter is a gift. The conditions for me really dictate how fast I can move. The area I usually hunt is prone to some pretty fantastic days of wind so the dark timber is where I head when that happens. I...