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  1. JoseCuervo

    Randy...step on it.

    Well done Randy, Matthew, Marcus, and Buzz. If I would wear a hat more often, I would tip it to you all.
  2. JoseCuervo

    strength training for archery

    Steroids and supplements.
  3. JoseCuervo

    Zinke Lists his 5 Priority Areas, Ignores Hunting and Recreation. Drill Baby, Drill!

    Sorry you don't want to know what your "elected" leaders are doing. You don't have to read if your desire is to remain ignorant. You only need to read if you care what is happening on My Public Lands.
  4. JoseCuervo

    Things to do near Reno, NV

    I think some of the reservoirs for Lahontan Cutthroats should be picking up about then. Worth chasing.
  5. JoseCuervo

    Zinke Lists his 5 Priority Areas, Ignores Hunting and Recreation. Drill Baby, Drill!

    Zinke will be good they said. He won't be as bad as the ones who will tell you straight up they don't give a shit about hunters, he will just screw hunters over without telling you. The communication document to go with the BLM document is fun....
  6. JoseCuervo

    Check In Stations

    They will have lots of orange cones and orange flags, signs letting you know. You won't miss it. There are some that are there annually, and you know where they are (the close one to you is the High Bridge over Moore's Creek on HWY 21 at Lucky Peak). They will also put "pop up" ones in sneaky...
  7. JoseCuervo

    Cargo Trailers

    For a long trip, with gear and a toy inside, and enclosed trailer probably makes sense. Lots of good quality ones, and, if you are just using it once or twice, look on Craigslist for a used one. Lots of former contractors are always selling them for about 1/2 what the new ones cost.
  8. JoseCuervo

    Canvas Tent Options

    And when I say "Denver Tent" I probably mean "Davis Tent". I usually after look at their websites to remember which one I prefer and bought from.
  9. JoseCuervo

    Pronghorn Display

    I think we too often forget to keep the photos of the hunt attached to the horns/head. It is one thing to admire the horns, it is even better to reflect on the memory of who, what, when, and how. I know when I look at a mount in my office, I quickly reflect on who was with me and had to suffer...
  10. JoseCuervo

    Canvas Tent Options

    I have the set up in your drawing in the original post, provided with my tent from Denver Tent. I love it much better than an internal frame with a bunch of angles. Put plenty of snow and wind on it, and no issues. I spent this past weekend in an Montana Tent with the internal frame and all...
  11. JoseCuervo

    Zinke Opens Up 7 Miles to Fat-Assed ATV Riders.... Making America Great Again

    In an anti-Jobs announcement for America's makers of boots and hiking poles, Zinke has now decided that it is more fun to see important archaeological sites on your ATV.
  12. JoseCuervo

    Kuiu our new "hunting liason"?

    Something about this all smells a bit "fishy". First of all, JR. can't ask people to "serve" since he has no role. Remember, he decided to just work on for Trump Companies, while his Dad still owns, profits, and oversees the Trump Companies and the US. Second, Zinke and Company don't take...
  13. JoseCuervo

    Ryan Zinke New Focus for BLM....

    Laugh all you want, but we long ago fought the US Air Force's attempt to turn some amazing wild sheep habitat into a bombing range. We now have it declared as Wilderness area, and it will be pristine for your grandchildren to come visit, whenever they want. In fact, I am headed there this...
  14. JoseCuervo

    Ryan Zinke New Focus for BLM....

    Would be interesting to know how many jobs coal mining on BLM lands creates. vs. recreation on BLM lands.
  15. JoseCuervo

    Drawing the line

    You can cut budges on parks, PBS, and Planned Parenthood all you want, and you won't affect any sort of fiscal balance/improvement. Go look at where we spend our money, and then you will figure out where you need to draw the line.
  16. JoseCuervo

    Ryan Zinke New Focus for BLM....

    Yeah, if you know the history of the BLM, it used to be Bureau of Livestock and Mining. Looks like we are back to those days, at the expense of hunters and "families with backpacks". Yay YourTeam!!!
  17. JoseCuervo

    Ryan Zinke New Focus for BLM....

    Awesome!!! HuffPo is running with my suggestions...
  18. JoseCuervo

    Ryan Zinke New Focus for BLM....

    Don't worry about Zinke they said. You just have to adjust your expectations that there could be worse advocates for hunting that could run the Dept of Interior they said....
  19. JoseCuervo

    Hal Herring on Federal/State Clean Water oversight

    You have a congressional election going on right now. Go donate to the candidate who will protect what you feel is important. Go volunteer at the candidate's office. Go knock on doors. Go drive people to polls. And quit voting for those that require us to find activist groups to counter...