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    Connecticut legislation to regulate and/or ban hunting and trapping inside municipal

    I'm reposting this from another forum. I've no info but thought it would be of interest to those in Connecticut. HB 5272: AN ACT PERMITTING MUNICIPAL REGULATION OF TRAPPING AND HUNTING
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    How bad do the roads get around Pawnee National Grasslands in the rain?

    Headed to unit 87 in the morning. Looks like it will be a cold and wet hunt with 80% chance of rain Sunday night. Just wondering if anyone has advice on how bad the roads get with a few days of rain. I have chains for the rear (can't put them on the front unfortunately). I'm planning on...
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    Colorado Shooting Range Advice/Opinions?

    I've been looking at either Colorado Rifle Club or Lead Valley Range. Does anyone have experience/opinions about one vs the other. They are both a good distance (hour and a half or more) from my house but finding a range that is not too expensive and has memberships open is a challenge here...
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    New CPW funding bill introduced - SB18-143 I haven't read much of it other than the summary. Just putting it out there for those that are more versed in deciphering this kind of thing.
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    Snowtrekker Tents?

    I heard a discussion on "Beyond the Kill" a bit ago about Snow Trekker tents. Does anyone have any first hand experience with them? I like the weight benefit of them. Not looking to carry one on my back but space in the truck and ease of single person setup is a concern. I don't currently...
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    Taking an 8 year old to hunter's ed?

    My 8 year old had his first day at the range with a 22 rifle last weekend and really enjoyed himself. He's been shooting a recurve for about a year but this was his first introduction to live firing a firearm. His last two comments of the day were "When can we do this again" and "I wish I...
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    onXmaps chip and app membership combo

    Just received an email from onX that says for the cost of a yearly membership I get both the app and the chip updates. I think I pay $30 every year to update my chip and for the same cost I can use the app too. I've been curious to try the app but wasn't going to pay for that separate from the...
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    Rep Polis holding a public lands panel tonight (4/3)

    I received the notification about this last week but was on vacation so I didn't get it on the radar until this morning. and Doesn't look like any hunting of fishing representation. Here's what the...
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    Anyone join in the town hall meeting Polis did last night (the 16th)?

    Just curious if anyone joined in on his town hall meeting. I saw that public lands was an agenda item. I was unable to be part of it. I'd like to know if he said anything of substance.
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    Bob Beauprez mentioned as possible Interior Secretary

    Just saw this in the news this morning. I don't understand what powers the interior secretary has but it's disturbing to see someone potentially being in the position that has made no bones of getting rid of federal lands. I was able to find some campaign info from his 2014 run for governor...
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    REI stance on public lands

    I reached out to the board at REI regarding where they stand on the issues. I was hoping for a better answer but below is what I received. From what I read they are sitting back and letting others do the work by "supporting companies that support the issue". Anyway, thought I'd pass this on...
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    Researching roadless/atv trackless areas?

    Just back from a week of archery elk hunting in CO unit 421. No luck other than getting amongst some bugling on the first morning in an area that was too thick to get any kind of shot off in. Thought I had done my research and had some good spots marked on my maps. Biggest problem I ran into...
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    Pro Shop Advice - Denver Metro Area

    Looking for advice on Archery Pro Shops in the north part of the Denver Metro area. The two closest to me are Jax in Lafayette and Archery in the Wild east of Longmont. Anyone have advice on either of them? Happy to drive farther if I need to but I'd rather not. I'm an upland hunter and new...