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  1. Foxtrot1

    Cougar Trapping????

    This one is early in the brainstorming phase, and there would be plenty of leg work to do to make this happen, but how feasible do you think it would be to take a couple of weeks to go to NM to try to trap cougars? In theory, it should be possible to gain access to some ranches to help remove...
  2. Foxtrot1

    A pair of 9.3s

    The past few years I have been attracted to some of european medium bores. Overall they are pretty sensible rounds that fit in a standard action. The first rifle is a custom CZ550 9.3x62 built by AHR in Montana. It's basically a double square bridge mauser action that's been upgraded with a...
  3. Foxtrot1

    Canadian Bear Hunt Lodge Recommendations???

    Possibly changing jobs soon, so it looks like I am going to miss out on taking leave this fall. As a back up plan looking for a spring beat hunt/fishing combo for 2020. Has anyone had good experiences with a specific lodge? Our group is split, some fishing and some hunting. We are flexible on...
  4. Foxtrot1

    Army Crew Tent

    The other day I picked up a army crew tent on Facebook marketplace. I've honestly never even seen one before, but it is 10x10, has a stovejack, fly, and sets up quickly. Seems to be heavy duty, it is pushing 65lbs for a dome tent. I figured it would be ok for quick weekend trips or for spill...
  5. Foxtrot1

    Tx hog hunt

    Last week some friends and I headed to South Texas for a weekend hog hunt. We were hunting on a private ranch but not one of the commercial hunting outfits so we didn't know what to expect. No real "honor or glory" hunt, but I have been working on remodeling our new house for the last 4-5 months...
  6. Foxtrot1

    Article on Cougar Predation

    Interesting research on cougar predation.
  7. Foxtrot1

    New Mexico Oryx Bull

    I've been absent awhile, but thought I'd share this with the group. I was lucky enough to draw a population control hunt for oryx this year. I was really excited and was prepping pretty hard for this chance. I've been applying for over a decade and this was my first oryx tag. About 1 month...
  8. Foxtrot1

    Trophy Ideas?

    I lucked up and drew an oryx permit in New Mexico, so I am headed out the first of Sept to hunt. I have a shoulder mount from South Africa, so I am looking for some ideas for things to do/keep from this trip. I am definitely doing a euro mount on the skull. Other than that I've thought about the...
  9. Foxtrot1

    Pheasant mount

    Please excuse the poor photography, this is a big piece and hard to move to get proper light. This is my first attempt at taxidermy, and overall I think it turned out well. Bird is posed with a Webley 16 ga hammer gun from the 1880s. I hope to add some other species to the strap over the years...
  10. Foxtrot1

    Mauser Project

    I have always loved Mausers. Not the military rifles or the post war chop shop specials, but classic sporting rifles that were built on a 98 action. Some were built in prestigious shops such as Rigby, Griffin and Howe, or Simpson but many were built by unknown craftsman that were trying to make...
  11. Foxtrot1

    Blue Grouse around Red Feather Lakes Colorado?

    A friend of mine recently relocated to the area around Rustic, Co. He has his spaniel with him, and is interested in chasing grouse while out there. Has anyone run into any birds while big game hunting in that area? Any pointers for him would be greatly appreciated. He's from Alabama and doesn't...
  12. Foxtrot1

    2017 Plan???

    I am at a crossroads in planning my hunts out west this year and I am not really sure which path I should take. Currently I am sitting on 6 Pts for Elk and Deer in Wy. I seem to be on the edge of being able to draw some quality tags, but each year that mark seems to move up. I also have 2 pts...
  13. Foxtrot1

    South Dakota Pheasants

    I struck out this year on big game tags, so my nephew and I decided to go to South Dakota to pheasant hunt for the first time. We were invited up by a friend to hunt his place. It's not in the prime pheasant counties, so I wasn't sure what to expect. We found beautiful scenery, great people, and...
  14. Foxtrot1

    New Powder?

    I mainly reload for a 30-06 and a 9.3x62 Mauser. I've been using ramshot big game. Several years ago, I developed loads for both with RL15, varget, and big game a few years ago and I got the best performance with both out of big game. The problem is, I haven't been able to find any in several...
  15. Foxtrot1

    Tundra Swan

    I just picked up my tundra swan from the taxidermist. It took the guy 5 years to finish the mount. Most of that he wouldn't answer the phone, return letters, or keep any kind of regular shop hours. I'm glad to get it back, I had pretty much written it off. I will never take another bird to wild...
  16. Foxtrot1

    1st gator hunt

    This year a close friend drew a gator tag. We got a plan together and went down to Mobile this weekend to hunt. Met some of my friends that live down and they put us on gators all weekend. We hunted all night Friday and Saturday night in a 16' flat bottom boat with 15 hp motor. There were some...
  17. Foxtrot1

    Primer on trolling for trout

    Headed out to SW Colorado next month. I am hoping to make time to rent a boat and fish one of the local lakes. I'm sure the rental will just be a simple jon boat and motor. The lake is known for rainbows, browns, and brooks. I have never trolled for trout, hardly ever fished for them in ponds or...
  18. Foxtrot1

    Wyoming 2015

    With the looming decision over sagegrouse being listed and seasons getting shorter and shorter, I decided to cash my pronghorn points in last year for a combo hunt. I loaded up the truck with bird dogs, shotgun, rifle, fishing gear, and headed out for 2 weeks on the North Platte River. My...
  19. Foxtrot1

    New shotgun

    I needed this like I needed a hole in the head. I still couldn't help myself. I am a sucker for tear drops. Picked up this miroku 12 gauge with 30" barrels on gunbroker. I talked myself into it because I "need" to shoot more clays. I hope to try it at the range this weekend.
  20. Foxtrot1

    Bull Bar/HD Bumper

    Last week I ordered a custom bull bar for my new Titan. Slightly concerned about the slight compression of the front suspension from the weight of the bumper. Have any of you guys that have installed an aftermarket bumper added a leveling kit to compensate for the slight loss of height? Looking...