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  1. Cornell2012

    Amazon Prime - Season 3 of Fresh Tracks

    Big news! We have made the first two episodes (blacktail deer hunt with Jim, pictured below) of Fresh Tracks season 3 available on Amazon Prime. We'll be releasing more in the coming days. Link:
  2. Cornell2012

    Amazon Prime - Season 4 of Fresh Tracks now available!

    Just found out this morning that Season 4 of Fresh Tracks cleared the approval process to go live on Amazon Prime Video! Check it out here: You can also just to to and search for "Randy Newberg" or "Fresh Tracks hunting" and you should be able to...
  3. Cornell2012

    Fresh Tracks on Netflix?

    Hi everyone, as you've probably seen, Netflix has added a number of hunting shows to their lineup. We're starting to see more and more hunting shows appear online. While we've been happy with our performance on YouTube, we are working on also getting in the Amazon Video Direct library (which you...
  4. Cornell2012

    Trailer Loading

    Saw this video and figured it would be relevant to a fair number of people on Hunt Talk. This 30-second clip illustrates the importance of proper weight distribution when towing a trailer.
  5. Cornell2012

    WSJ does a piece on long-range hunting Edit: The article doesn't really take a stance on anything, but highlights the uneasiness that some hunters have with the long-range (like, electronically assisted, 1000+yd, $25k) setups. "Of about 14 million...
  6. Cornell2012

    Podcast #39 with guest Jonathan O'Dell

    Hi everyone, apologies for the erratic podcast release schedule. We're aiming for a release every two weeks until the end of hunting season, then maybe we'll try to go back to the weekly episodes. Anyhow, episode 39 has been submitted to our publishing platform and should be available through...
  7. Cornell2012

    Amazon Prime

    Who has it? I know personally it leads to a number of impulse purchases...
  8. Cornell2012

    Spring Pictures

    Continuing the tradition. Rules: No dead critters, seasonal photos. Winter Pictures Autumn Pictures Summer Pictures I've been playing with film again. Here's a few from the latest batch. Lots of people in their graduation attire getting photos taken
  9. Cornell2012

    Live Streaming

    Greetings Hunt Talkers, I've been trying to come up with new ways for us to engage with everyone out in internet land [a community, you might say? ;) ] and one of the ideas I have is to do a live video stream Q&A and/or story time (Fin on camera). We would likely host this on YouTube, and it...
  10. Cornell2012

    YouTube Milestones

    Our YouTube channel has been growing at a pretty good rate, and we just surpassed 2500 total subscribers to go along with more than half a million minutes viewed in the past 4 weeks. Thanks for watching!
  11. Cornell2012

    Smart TV

    I was digging in to some of the viewership numbers around the OYOA seasons 1 and 2 on YouTube and noticed that a very substantial amount of viewing time is coming from smart TVs. I was a bit surprised because I didn't think they had made that much of an inroad yet. Anyone here use one? I'm...
  12. Cornell2012

    YouTube videos

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has subscribed to our YouTube channel (here: YouTube Channel) and/or watched the videos. The channel just recently passed 1,000 subscribers, which is an arbitrary achievement that I am nonetheless very pleased about. If you have any...
  13. Cornell2012

    Podcast #6: How it all started

    New podcast went live a little while ago. This one answers one of the most common questions we get about the TV show: How did Fresh Tracks/On Your Own Adventures get started? In the time between quitting my job earlier this year and starting business school, I managed to spend a week back in...
  14. Cornell2012

    Podcast Episode #3

    As I'm sure some of you have already noticed, the third podcast episode went live on iTunes and Stitcher last night. I haven't had a chance to listen to the entirety of it yet, but it features David Brinker and Jeff Sposito of Sitka Gear and Dan Doty and Janis Putelis of Zero Point Zero. This...
  15. Cornell2012

    Summer Pictures

    I, for one, really enjoy the picture threads so I thought I'd get another one going. Rules: Taken in the summertime, content appropriate for this forum. I'll start it off with a couple of my favorites from last year: This first one is when my girlfriend and I went back to visit Montana last...
  16. Cornell2012

    Phone Calls

    I just got a call offering me two tickets to a cruise in the Bahamas (to be given to me after I complete a survey). A couple months ago I supposedly was called by Publisher's Clearing House, where they informed me that I won some 7-figure sum of money. I needed to call them back in Jamaica so...
  17. Cornell2012

    Poll: What Device Do You Use?

    I was looking at some online analytics and it got me wondering what piece of technology people use to look at/post to Hunt Talk. I have a good idea of what this will look like, but I'm curious to hear it directly from you: What device(s) do you use to Hunt Talk? Why do you prefer one device...
  18. Cornell2012

    Dairy Queen

    Free small cone today at participating locations!
  19. Cornell2012

    FIRST Robotics 2015

    This is definitely not hunting related but I wanted to let everyone know about two FIRST Robotics competitions the team I am mentoring will be at in the next month and a half. FIRST is an organization that tries to keep students interested in STEM fields and teach them aspects of teamwork...
  20. Cornell2012

    Things to do in NC

    This week I was notified of admission to UNC-Chapel Hill's graduate business school program with a big fellowship offer. I am still waiting to hear from a couple other schools before I decide for sure where I will be attending this fall. In the meantime I was hoping to hear from you guys about...