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  1. DavidKeenan

    Nfl draft

    Randy I agree with you, Tavon is good but not built for the wr pos. in the nfl . Maybe a few rep, guy or special teams. Imo Steadman is a much better receiver than Tavon. As for Geno wait n see. He is put on a pedestal. He is great with no pressure and everything going his way...
  2. DavidKeenan

    Any realtors on here?

    Lawnboy, My mom was into it retired now was in wv tn and mt. Can get u some more contacts if you need them I know she had to work a lot of weekends showing homes. That sucked but she put up with it for the money lol
  3. DavidKeenan

    49ers vs Ravens

    I like the niners. But it was pointed out to me earlier that. Feinstein is from sf. And pelosi is from baltimore. So who the hell u wanna root for.
  4. DavidKeenan

    You Dirty Rat!

    Lawnboy ive got a start on a coat out of mine. :D 7 so far out in the "Coons den." the man cave lol I think Ive got them all . :W: I hope.:cool:
  5. DavidKeenan


    Congratulations, to the whole crew for a successful hunt and experience.. I do think we need to change Lawnboys name to " Birdwhisper"
  6. DavidKeenan

    Only forest

    The day finally arrived: Forrest Gump dies and goes to Heaven. He is met at the Pearly Gates by Saint Peter himself. The gates are closed, however, and Forrest approaches the gatekeeper. Saint Peter says, "Well, Forrest, it's certainly good to see you. We have heard a lot about you. I must...
  7. DavidKeenan


    FIN The Mrs. was wondering if you done a ceremonial dance, before you went after the great tatonka in the wilds and risked your life. :D I told her not to worry, you would have much better back up ,compared to some distant folk that have been there before.
  8. DavidKeenan


    Good luck this morning!!!
  9. DavidKeenan

    Smoked stock ...

    You may try mineral oil it restores the wood at the same time. I guess worst case you could redo the stock.
  10. DavidKeenan

    City Bull no mas

    Heres another link and to what was said between the two idiots.
  11. DavidKeenan

    SHOT Hero

    Rinella , didn't get his TV name for nothing . :cool:
  12. DavidKeenan

    SHOT Hero

    I told you he was smiling like a coon in a cornfield :D They're probably stepping on their tounges :D:D
  13. DavidKeenan

    SHOT Hero

    I think it was more like one of these,fresh out of a cornfield.
  14. DavidKeenan

    SHOT Hero

    Good one Dink Maaaybe minus the hat
  15. DavidKeenan

    SHOT Hero

    He knows where I live. We may have to keep it under the radar. lol
  16. DavidKeenan

    SHOT Hero

    I guess you didnt know that you had some Hero shots taken at shot show. lol talking about the blonde and brunette lol
  17. DavidKeenan

    SHOT Hero

    Fin Wheres the hero pictures. :) Were you holding out?:D I just say on from a very reliable source.:hump::cool:
  18. DavidKeenan

    Kitty, Kitty....

    Great story. Congratulations on a rare feet. I have awlays thought of doing that same thing. I have done it with bear but a cat would be awesome.
  19. DavidKeenan

    SHOT show

    Congratulations Randy !!!!!!!!! Imo ,from what ive seen of you on tv, and in person this couldn't have gone to a more deserving person.. Also, from what I do know of you, I feel that would be the best award of the whole show. CONGRATULATIONS