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  1. Non-Lead Hunter

    Anyone hunt Ibex in Tajikistan?

    Thanks Kiwi, Tahr shot up to the top of the list once I found out I'll have enough airline miles soon for a free flight to NZ. However, something about traveling and the adventure a hunt in Tajikistan would bring seems like a great story to tell myself when Im too old to hunt at 12,000ft.
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    Calibres you'd like to own

    6.5x284 375 H&H bolt action 470 NE in a Double Rifle if I won the lottery
  3. Non-Lead Hunter

    Anyone hunt Ibex in Tajikistan?

    Hello All, Im trying to save up for my "once-in-a-lifetime" hunt. It started out as a British Columbia Mountain Goat hunt, then Tahr in New Zealand. Now I'm curious about Ibex in Tajikistan, looking at the price $6-9K. It doesn't seem to expensive for an incredible experience and hunt. Has...
  4. Non-Lead Hunter

    Water Bottles or Water Bladder

    Literally hopped on HuntTalk to ask this exact question. My camelback finally sprung a leak and now its time to decide if I want to purchase a Platypus bladder or just use a Smart water bottle and Nalgene. I have the Sawyer Water filter which would fill either the bladder or water bottle quickly...
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    Accuracy question

    If your home state limits your shooting distance, a tactic that I use at home is placing my rifle on my lead sled or pack and balancing a quarter at the end of the barrel and practice breathing and squeezing the trigger without the quarter falling off. This translates to a significant increase...
  6. Non-Lead Hunter

    Wall tent Pros/Cons

    Background: I am learning that if you do the homework in the offseason, there becomes less and less reasons to backpack for 7 straight days in the backcountry. Im toying with the idea of getting a wall tent to use as a basecamp and on hunts that only require 10-15 miles of day hiking. I will...
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    Do it all caliber and bullet weight

    7mm is a great choice!! If you are looking for a do-it-all setup I assume its going to be your firearm of choice for the foreseeable future. That said, I would suggest you take up reloading also. The 280AI (or regular 280 Rem) is a great cartridge shooting a 140-160 premium bullet for most of NA...
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    Non Lead Rifle Ammo Experience Question- fragments in meat?

    Ive shot animals with the Barnes LRX at 4, 30, 300 and 330 yards and haven't found any fragments while processing my own meat and actively looking. Also haven't found any with the E-tips either. The only time I've found petals in the meat was a pig I shot at 135yds with a 135gn Cutting Edge...
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    Bullet for moose...VLD?

    absolutely, Hammers along with Cutting Edge are worth every penny if you plan to shoot beyond 400 yards. If you look at what extreme long range shooters are using these days the majority of the top 10 finishers are using lathe turned copper...
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    Bullet for moose...VLD?

    No experience hunting moose but plenty of time spent shooting ballistic gel with a wide range of bullets. I will say that the VLD at 400 yards and under will fragment and not provide a lot of penetration. On average, the VLD penetrated about 12 inches into ballistic gel at 100 yards. In...
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    Thank you to the person who turned in their NV cow elk tag!

    but its new and shiny and I wanna use it
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    Thank you to the person who turned in their NV cow elk tag!

    Opened an email today thinking it was a spam since the first words were "CONGRATULATIONS...You have been awarded a...." and found out I was an alternate for a non-resident Nevada Cow Elk tag for the September 17th opener. With a NV mule deer already in my pocket for October, NDOW has been...
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    7mm-08 vs 25-06

    Its trivial but if you plan on hiking and going up mountains the 7mm-08 with its shorter case and chamber dimensions is gonna save you a few ounces. If its really a coin flip, go with the lighter option. IMO
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    Helicopter Fly-in New Zealand Tahr

    Hey everyone, I have built up enough airline miles for a free trip to NZ. My dream hunt is a true high alpine DIY mountain hunt no matter the species. I have been on numerous DIY solo hunts in the US and a NZ tahr hunt is appealing. My question is, in the South Island, can you still fly in...
  15. Non-Lead Hunter

    Bino Adapter for tripod

    Thanks everyone, going with the Outsdoorsman short binocular adapter. Using that with the Sirui VA-5 tripod head should be a rock solid set-up.
  16. Non-Lead Hunter

    Bino Adapter for tripod

    I lost my binocular adapter last season while switching from my binoculars to spotter while confirming a hog cresting over a ridge at last light. I was using the Vortex adapter and never really liked it because it wouldn't fit inside my binocular harness while still attached to the binocular...
  17. Non-Lead Hunter

    Handloading with Lead Free Bullets

    Reloading non-lead bullets are fairly similar to loading lead. As people have stated, follow the manual and try different powders, primers, bullets until you find the right accuracy. The major difference is having non-lead bullets seated off the lands. Most lead bullets prefer to be close to...
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    Seeking Input

    1) Only elk hunting - 7mm RM (using a premium bullet, it can do everything the 300WM can do without the extra recoil which translates to more range time) 2) Mostly elk, some deer and antelope - 30/06 (165 grain bullet will harvest all species cleanly and allows you to practice with one round)...