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  1. MT_elk

    Gophers Are Out

    Love all the different guns!
  2. MT_elk

    New Zealand Roar Hunt 2024

    Congrats! That would make a great life size mount!
  3. MT_elk


    Interested. PM sent.
  4. MT_elk

    Nevada Desert Sheep hunt

    Congrats on a great ram!
  5. MT_elk

    Argentina '24

    Congrats on a great hunt!
  6. MT_elk

    Silencerco Scythe Ti vs Banish Backcountry Suppressor

    Interesting. So on average, it appears that most suppressors only reduce the dB levels by about 30dB. I must have naively thought that the purpose of a suppressor was supposed to reduce the dB level enough to avoid wearing ear protection. Can someone fill me in on why you would spend so much...
  7. MT_elk

    Silencerco Scythe Ti vs Banish Backcountry Suppressor

    In looking at the specs for the Scythe-=Ti, it doesn't appear to reduce the dBs much. Am I reading the below correctly? For a 300 WM, dB is 137? That seems really high. Anything over 85dB for extended periods is considered harmful and can cause hearing damage.
  8. MT_elk


    Idaho resident sentenced for trying to pass off Montana bighorn as roadkill
  9. MT_elk

    Buschy's 2023 Season Review

    What a great year! Thanks for sharing!
  10. MT_elk

    Helicopter Capture Compilation

    Wow. Thanks for sharing. Absolutely incredible.
  11. MT_elk

    Revic Binos

    I am looking to upgrade my Bino's. Interested if anyone has any field experience using the Relic Acura BLR10b Ballistic Rangefinder Bino's. A little pricey, but less than the Swaro's and Leica. Thanks in advance!
  12. MT_elk

    Bear guns for what its worth

    Interesting. Obviously, the more powder you can handle, the better! One handed 500 S&W shot; impressive!
  13. MT_elk

    Mountain Lion for a Little Lady

    Congrats and thanks for sharing!
  14. MT_elk

    One Fish Wonder

    What a beauty!
  15. MT_elk

    NM Oryx 2023

  16. MT_elk

    NW CO to SE NM Barbary Sheep

    Congrats! You going to post the actual pic?
  17. MT_elk

    Ben Avery Shooting Range

    Looks like a fun day!
  18. MT_elk

    30-06 Brass

    Where are you located?
  19. MT_elk

    My once in a lifetime

    Congrats! Looks like an old warrior!
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