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  1. GrantK

    New SAR tool

    Most helicopter pilots I've flown with in the SAR world seem to enjoy the challenge of getting the big fan as close as possible to obstacles, it seems like the helicopter manager telling them they can't land there is a challenge they can't turn down... For those worried about the implications...
  2. GrantK

    Boot/Glove Questions

    Even though I love soft boots and usually push supergaiter trail runners to the limit, I'd guess the Quest 4's would be a little soft for comfort in the steeps as they don't have a carbon midsole, you could mitigate that a lot with crampons like @BuzzH but sometimes getting crampons to stay on...
  3. GrantK

    Please BEAR with me, 2024 is going to be full of unBEARable surprises!!!

    I'm pretty sure I've taken that exact raft through a class 3 rapid, if you can stop and reinflate it every 5 minutes it should be fine (ish)... this looks like a great adventure, looking forward to the recap!
  4. GrantK

    How to Red Rocks Concert

    Heart would be a great one to see there, it's a little bit of an odd-feeling venue for metal shows and EDM, I saw Slayer and Whitechapel from the front row and the vibe was very different from the usual, same with Tiesto, I tend to mix it up in the pit or on the dance floor at those shows and it...
  5. GrantK

    Western CO LWCF Win

    Awesome! The amount of access the ranch blocks due to its shape is pretty huge, and selfishly, I'm hopeful that the climbing that was closed by the ranch a couple of years ago gets reopened, a good chunk of early CO climbing history lives on the ranch.
  6. GrantK

    Sunday Pic of the Day

    nearing the summit of Mt. Huntington
  7. GrantK

    What makes a "good" hunter?

    I'd consider a "good hunter" to be someone with a diverse skillset, the ability to think and learn in real-time, and mental and physical toughness to stay in the game as long as it takes, they can be dropped into any hunt with no scouting and figure out how to make it happen, while keeping...
  8. GrantK

    HTer Fitness Goals '24 Edition

    got my spring alpine climbing trip in, climbed Mt. Huntington in the AK range... guess this is the official kickoff to #Sheepshape...
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  10. GrantK

    2024 New Mexico Draw Results

    I used up all my luck for the next 5 years yesterday, struck out across the board in NM... @Dsnow9 I can't wait for the road trip edition of "The Season of Stupid"!
  11. GrantK

    2024 Colorado Draw Results Thread

    Rocky, I've been too tied up in chasing a Rocky tag for the last 21 years to apply for Desert yet, looks like I get to start though!
  12. GrantK

    2024 Colorado Draw Results Thread

    Sheep tag just showed up in my account!
  13. GrantK

    2024 Colorado Draw Results Thread

    $366.13 for me, now I just have to wait to find out if it's sheep or goat... great start to the day either way!
  14. GrantK

    HTer Fitness Goals '24 Edition

    hard to beat the Hoka Speedgoats if you're looking at shoes with that much padding, I find them to be way more nimble than the Cascadias.
  15. GrantK

    Pick a state to become a resident ...

    WY, ID, or MT would be my picks, in that order, if big game hunting was the only consideration... CO isn't as bad as people make it seem either, with all of those there are plenty of places you don't want to be within the state...
  16. GrantK

    Ones that got away

    Found this guy and one that may have been a little bigger in a bachelor group a week before season, low-tier limited unit, nobody else around, they fed the same trail into the timber to bed for a week straight. Opening day rolled around and and I was set up well before daylight, perfect wind...
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  18. GrantK

    CO CPW Draw Process Working Group

    I don't necessarily buy the "people have to have a chance to hunt sheep to care about them" narrative, there could hardly be a worse ROI on anything you put your time to, you either care about sheep on the landscape because sheep are cool, or you couldn't care less, and your 1% chance of ever...
  19. GrantK

    CO CPW Draw Process Working Group

    Both good recommendations IMO, for all the hate above, I'm taking a wild guess of the give or take 300 sheep tags a year 4-5 of them probably go to people who already have a CO bighorn, putting an additional 4-5 tags to new hunters a year is a lot more people out of the pool over time... and for...
  20. GrantK

    Let Them Roam - A Bison Yarn

    Amazing photos! thanks for sharing what looks like an incredible adventure even without the truck issues...

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