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    Hauling goose decoys

    We did a mile walk last year with a game cart. Stacked two bags of silos or ten dozen. With two single panel blinds Other guy carried big pack with two spinners and room for fourteen mallards. No way am I carrying a limit of geese a mile.
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    *SOLD* Hilleberg Enan tent

    I believe someone here could use a new tent
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    Montana 700-21 Elk archery for me

    No doubt. I never heard of this district before
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    Tim Sheehy?

    I think there should be term limits and vote as such.
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    Bozeman: is it really that bad anymore?

    Belgrade never passes bonds. They would rather put money into the race track
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    Arbitrary Hunting Goals

    I have a goal to rattle in a mature white tail and to keep after the ducks
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    I love watching spoonies
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    A little humour for your day

    Backing that up has divorce written all over it
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    Tinder/Hinge/dating apps in general

    Does not seem to bother the Bidens
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    Tinder/Hinge/dating apps in general

    I met my wife the old fashion way, drunk at the Molly Brown. Glad I don't have to play the tinder game.
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    Colorado gun ban

    The two last words are wrong
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    Gillette WY to build nuclear power plants

    Bull shit he said nothing of your family members or their jobs.
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    Tillamook Oregon

    Short beach is a cool little spot
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    The Devil's Lettuce

    Lots of booze bottles around the country for kids to get into
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    The Devil's Lettuce

    If your not on the road, not harming kids, and on private property none of my business
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    How long did it take for your first elk?

    Longer than it took to get laid
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    Housing Appreciation and Inflation: Future Outlook?

    People that want to own homes figure out a way to do so.
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    A little humour for your day

    Four feet of heat right there
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    Statistics for differentiating between groups?

    Seven out of four people don't even understand statistics
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