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    Congratulations Greenhorn

    I saw the show and was surprised to see Greenhorn on TV. My god what a great bull though. I helped my buddy get a cow moose in colorado this year. What a fun hunt. Congrats Kirk
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    FS: IOR 3-18x42 scope

    Reduced to $1000
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    FS: IOR 3-18x42 scope

    I have an IOR 3-18x42 Tactical scope for sale. It has the 35mm tube. It's been mounted on one rifle for a couple months so it has slight ring marks. Glass is in perfect condition. The reticle is the MP8 in the 2nd focal plane. It's a great scope its just too much for the rifle its on. Comes with...
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    Colorado units 25 & 34?

    I live in Castle Rock. How bout you?
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    Colorado units 25 & 34?

    I've hunted Unit 25 before. Buck quality can be good. There are a lot of deer in this unit. To get good buck you'll want to get far away from the crowds. I can't help at all with 34. Good luck.
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    Idaho Sheep.... Game on !!

    Moosie, Didn't you like your Eberlestock pack? Did you ever do a review on it?
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    Oak, That sounds like a great trip Oak. I hope to do that someday. Good luck to you!
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    Return a CO deer tag?

    Bambistew, I apologize for the mis information. I didn't catch that you said it was a 2nd choice tag.
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    Muleys or Whitetails

    Well I'm not gonna say cause I've only hunted whitetails in Kansas and it wasn't that difficult. But then again hunting muleys over there isn't tough either.. Hunting the muleys in the colorado rockies to me isn't in the same ballpark. Not even close. But thats just my experience.. which aint...
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    Return a CO deer tag?

    bambistew, If your father has points he has to give the license back and let them keep the money in order to keep his points.. if he takes a refund he will lose his points. I learned this the hard way.
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    MYSTERY RANCH -- NICE Frame Backpack system

    Does the NICE system have a place to stick the rifle while hiking?
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    WY bear (field pics)

    Congrats on a great looking bear. Man I'm jealous.
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    Got my first ID Bear!

    Great bear Congrats!
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    Papa Moose caught his First Salmon !!!

    Kudos to your dad. I hope to take my dad fishing up there someday.
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    MYSTERY RANCH -- NICE Frame Backpack system

    I'd love to see a comparison between the NICE system, the Kifaru and the Eberlestock system.. Is there anyone with experience with all of them?
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    Idaho Sheep.... Game on !!

    Congrats on the tag. Hope you guys have a ball.
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    FS Swarovski 4-12x50 AV with TDS-4 reticle

    Swarovski A line 4-12x50 riflescope with the TDS-4 reticle. Specs: Weight- 15.5 oz's eye relief- 3.5" length 13.5" 1/4 min clicks This scope is in excellent condition. Has very light ring marks. Scope is crystal clear and extremely bright. Comes with Leupold Dual Dovetail rings and bases and...
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    2005 Montana Whitetails

    Congrats Buzz, looks like a great time was had by all. To me thats what its all about. Congrats again.
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    3rd season Colorado elk

    Nice Bull Ridgerunner, I had a 3rd season buck tag and ate tag soup.. Good to see someone had some success. Jeffs are pretty great guy.

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