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    Bad mounts :

    I've got a good date for that trippin' yote...a psycho pussy on crack... Imagine getting this back from a taxidermist... |oo :D
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    Yesterday's Elk

    We get the odd dear and bear in the yard, but THAT's INCREDIBLE!!! hump
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    So is this a Booner?

    Bigsky - that's a cool trick catchin' Bugs, but I'd pay money to see you catch his buddy Taz!...
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    2004 season pics

    Thanks guys. Miller - Just tryin' to catch up to you. ;) Ya that music was grindin' me too (it was a joke on a cougar gallery and I forgot it was there) Ridge runner - that's just my normal day pack, but it does help keep me from tippin' over backwards. That pack frame is a collapsible frame...
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    MT bighorn sheep

    Right on - Great ram!! :) Cool to help a bud on a hunt of a lifetime...
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    2004 season pics

    Well, the season has been over for me for a while but the adventures on teh board kept me goin'! (Thanks!!) It's time for me to get some work done so I can fund next year's exploits... :) I had a blast this year and some of the best moments were watching friends out there!... taking my bro on...
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    Done buck hunting in MT

    Miller - Fantastic buck & pics - CONGRATS! Sweet lookin' country, too... Looks like the mountains above my home. (I'm across the border from W. Montana) Way to hang in there...
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    Safe in the driveway

    Sweet spot that you have there! Great pics!!
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    Buck down....waaaay down.

    ::S&M:: I watch for that 4x4 below me and some does feed into view, but he doesn’t stick his head up again. I am hoping to see Houdini and continually scour that area. I keep scanning back to where Grandpa disappeared, and see some does, but no sign of him. He’s heading into his sanctuary...
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    Buck down....waaaay down.

    Day 2 – After some seriously needed rest in my camperiezed canopy, I’m cresting the cliffs above the canyon. I debate about sitting at my original vantage, where the early morning action was, or at the tree where I will catch them heading to their beds (where I saw Houdini) I waffle, but end up...
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    Buck down....waaaay down.

    alright - you asked for it. Day 1 – The alarm goes off at 1:30am and I’m up like a kid at Christmas as there is fresh white still falling!! With one hour sleep I make the drive and get to my spot that I scouted this summer, just as the darkness fades in the eastern sky. I’m in my spot and...
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    Small Idaho Buck

    Right on, congrats on a nice buck! Great lookin country too.
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    My archery buck from today........Double dropper.

    Dang - that's a MONSTER & with a bow!!!!!!!!!! I Sounds like the flat lands have some amazing bucks...
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    Buck down....waaaay down.

    Well, I managed to find the biggest nastiest hole and proceeded to shoot a buck down in it... Luckily he was tiny...
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    oops wrong forum

    [No message]
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    here's some of my deer horn porn--let's see some of ya'rs--

    Cool Bucks! What state were they shot in? Was it private or public land? Guided or DIY?
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    Black Hills Bull

    Right on - Great bull!! Let's hear the story... :D
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    Black Hills Bull

    Right on - Great bull!! Let's hear the story... :D
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    strike one on elk

    Right on - sounds like a great trip! I saw two bulls with my bow, but couldn't close the gap...
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    Opening day ELK...

    Thanks boys! It was a blast. I think that bull was the 5x5 that I saw last year at 30 yards as I tried to grow another tine looking through my scope. It's a 6 point only zone where I was hunting (across the border from Montana) and it's draw only where I live (north of Washington)... That...
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