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  1. np307

    2024 Garden!

    We're pretty close to having a lot of produce to pick. The first squash and zucchini are on the window sill and a few more squash will come off tomorrow. Tons of cherry tomatoes are ripening and I'm watching the first Cherokee purple very closely. Can't wait for that first tomato sandwich. Corn...
  2. np307

    Sh*t our kids do

  3. np307

    Because Dad did!

    Can't think of any products. Clint Eastwood movies and old bluegrass music come to mind though.
  4. np307

    Friday Tunes - worthy of more ears

    I've posted some music from the before, but Chatham Rabbits is definitely my favorite lesser-known group right now. Folk music with honest, relatable songwriting. Not much more to ask for. My wife and I saw them live a couple months back and are hoping to see them again next month. Here's their...
  5. np307

    Plate ‘em up

    Grilled chicken thighs and pasta with pesto made from the basil in the garden.
  6. np307

    Wyoming Elk Draw

    Buddy is planning to pull a general tag south next year. He will have 5 points. I called to tell him that even 5 didn't guarantee, with a 92% chance this year. "Oh, well 92% is good odds, so I shouldn't have any trouble next year". I can't get him to understand point creep lol.
  7. np307

    2024 Garden!

    Nothing pummeled by the rain and everything is shooting up. Beans are out-climbing the corn so I put a trellis up for them. They'll probably end up climbing to the porch too. If I do another 3 sisters bed next year then I'm going to stagger the planting and give the corn a head start. All the...
  8. np307

    Long Covid?

    What year is it?
  9. np307

    Arbitrary Hunting Goals

    I have a couple of specific areas of public that I'd like to kill a deer or turkey on. I dont care much for turkey slams and what that's done to the turkey world but I would like to spend some time down in the swamps and kill a public land Osceola. I'd like to kill a respectable antelope. I'd...
  10. np307

    Whatever happened to..?

    Did I miss the second departure of wllm? Looks like a permanent one this time?
  11. np307

    2024 Garden!

    Great for the price ($40 a piece on clearance). I'd prefer them to be square instead of rounded. They're thin gauge galvanized so we'll see how well they hold up.
  12. np307

    2024 Garden!

    Everything is humming along here. Okra got stressed pretty good from the cool temps a little while back but it's started to liven up. Beans are starting to climb the corn. First buds are on the cherry tomato plants. Zucchini plant is monstrous. Finally got the cukes planted. We almost broke 90...
  13. np307

    Plate ‘em up

    Pad kra pao but with deer instead of pork and Italian basil from the garden instead of Thai holy basil.
  14. np307

    Metalworking Hunttalkers!

    Didn't quite finish up these today, but the customer was very happy with the progress pics. Here's the first one I finished:
  15. np307

    Highway songs. Friday music thread.

    Let's go with Sturgill: And then two about wanting to get back home (an absolute banger from 49 Winchester):
  16. np307

    Metalworking Hunttalkers!

    Completed the box today, started the next super-urgent-want-it-yesterday project today. Once again, I had to create the drawing as they just told us what the part was supposed to accomplish and nothing more.
  17. np307

    Metalworking Hunttalkers!

    Today's mega urgent super important project that the plant wants done yesterday: a ceiling cover. Went and measured yesterday and came up with a design (I guess this is the year of developing my technical drawing skills) and building it today.
  18. np307

    2024 Turkey Season!

    Our opening day was Saturday. I went but all the deer hunters were out in full force. Didnt hear anything. My buddy and I drew a special 3-day permit that opened today. We were on one at first light but a hen stole him away. She passed by us within 25 yards probably. Bow we're motoring around...
  19. np307

    Metalworking Hunttalkers!

    Yeah I think you'll be good to go. They wanted to span 17' with 4x3 1/8th wall tubing.
  20. np307

    Metalworking Hunttalkers!

    That has more structural integrity than the thin wall tubing one plant wanted us to us to support a load-bearing wall that they cut down without supporting first.
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