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  1. coleslaw


    24"... I updated the post. Thank you
  2. coleslaw

    A little humour for your day

  3. coleslaw


    New factory Rem 700 24" barrel in 6.5 CM. I bought the rifle new for the action only. Barrel has never been fired. Either somebody takes it or it gets chucked. $20 plus shipping
  4. coleslaw

    A little humour for your day

  5. coleslaw

    Kennedy 24?

    What's everyone's take on RFK? Some of his beliefs I really don't care for, but then I think about the other two turds and realize I don't support alot of their policies either. Honestly, I hate the other two candidates enough to possibly vote for RFK, even if it's just a write-in. I would...
  6. coleslaw

    A little humour for your day

    You don't know how psychologically damaged you are as a person until you understand a reference like this within one second... I'm glad I'm not the only sick bastard on here
  7. coleslaw

    NFA Wait Times

    I've been waiting 11 months now.... wth
  8. coleslaw

    African Safari- Kuche Safaris

    I tried looking at some hunts they have posted on YouTube because I'm looking at a safari in the next couple years, just not sure with who yet. Looked like alot of riding in the back of a truck (and shooting from the back of the truck). Not saying this is what they do 100% of the time, but I'm...
  9. coleslaw

    A little humour for your day

    Same. They get pushed off the bed at night and then the dogs use them as a "nest". Wake up, make the bed, repeat.
  10. coleslaw

    A little humour for your day

  11. coleslaw

    Wisconsin bill would eliminate doe harvest in part of the state

    Just going to feed more wolves. Stop trying to over-manage the deer herd when you can't manage predators. Sad that our deer hunting has become so political now. It's not even fun anymore.
  12. coleslaw

    Mauser Caliber Ideas

    I have 6.5x55 that is a joy to shoot, but if you have that long mauser action then you might as well use all of it. 8mm Mauser or 9.3x62 gets my vote. Keep it "Mauser".
  13. coleslaw

    Sako 85 S grey laminate stock

    Yes it is. Price negotiable
  14. coleslaw

    A little humour for your day

    You know he's out there somewhere roaming a forum right now. Probably giving advice.
  15. coleslaw

    Pretty Fly for a Nilgai

    That bullet has some diameter to it
  16. coleslaw

    Off-season project - 7mm Rem Mag

    That's what I'm getting with mine too. H4350. Had it nearly 3800 fps when the pressure signs started so I backed it down to save my brass. I just picked up a .257 Weatherby and my goal is to get 4000 with the 90AH. I'm not worried about barrel life- it's all part of the fun.
  17. coleslaw

    Started GSP

    I need a second dog to compliment my Brittany, but my wife says absolutely not :( Too bad because he looks like a good boy
  18. coleslaw

    Traumatizing fish

    Fishing will be banned on the west coast soon enough
  19. coleslaw

    WTB Winn Free Flight Release * Updated

    Damn, I didn't realize they closed up business. I've been using the C-10 for close to 20 years now.
  20. coleslaw

    A little humour for your day

    Looks like Bill Burr

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