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    Review My E-Scouting (Colorado Unit 82)

    How was your hunt? my 13 year old son drew this same first rifle tag this year for his first elk hunt.
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    Necessary gear for first western hunt.

    Good glass, boots, and comfortable clothes.These would be my top 3 in that order.
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    First Time Hunting Pronghorn - My Story

    Nice job, sometimes crowded areas can help. Hoping to get my first soon as well.
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    Kansas Deer

    Good luck to those who drew, I only put in for points again this year hopefully make it out next year.
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    CO archery deer

    Im free the first 2 weeks of archery season. Im a chef in the off season, so we will for sure be eating good.
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    Anybody use the Grizzlystik 650g arrow and broadhead setup?

    I started with the grizzly stik 650 set up. Good product, they held up well. I would suggest building a few different set ups and testing them out on your bow. I spent about a month shooting different arrow set ups and I ended up with a 615 grain set up that has blown thru deer and pigs no...
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    A big bull is down

    What a beast!
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    Colorado Elk Highs and Lows

    Sounds like a good trip, harvested and learned a few things, met a new friend. As far as the ticket, It would be nice if each state was on the same page as far as traveling back home with your harvest. Maybe electronic reporting, tags attached, proof of sex attached.
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    First Elk Colorado 4th Season

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    Antelope Advice for Beginners (WY Unit 21)

    Thanks for the report!
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    Texas Whitetail hunts

    PM sent
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    New to elk hunting.

    Good Luck, Colorado would be a good first choice. That's where I'm hoping to be in sept.
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    Arkansas Public Land River Bottom Buck

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    Buck Fever got the best of me, CO 2021

    Sounds like a great time!
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    WY 2021 success

    Congrats, Nice Goats!
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    First year Bowhunting

    Great for the sport! Get as many youth hunters out as you can and teach them.
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    Wyoming bull elk successful hunt

    Congrats on your bull! I'm still chasing my first.
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    Daughter's Montana bull...

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    Best broadhead for elk?

    Like stated above sharp fixed blades.
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    Bow maintenance

    I shoot 5-6 days a week. I check my strings daily when they get fuzzy I was them. Thats all I really do. I check and make sure everything is in order before I shoot.