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  1. Sharp Stick Slinger

    2023 Colorado Elk and Deer

    Gotta love a full freezer! Congrats. Nice buck
  2. Sharp Stick Slinger

    Swarovski STC / ATC spotter

    I just went through this dilemma this year. Sold my old HD Leopold. I was between the new Kowa 66 and Swaro ATS 65 25-50w. I found the Swaro to be the best for the weight 8 or 10 oz different). Didn't see the benefit of ATX for the the smaller objective sizes. Maybe ATX is best if you'll really...
  3. Sharp Stick Slinger

    Score these rams

    Wow nice ram. Certainly living up to the 180 estimates. Congrats
  4. Sharp Stick Slinger

    Colorado 3rd Rifle Muley

    Congrats. And good luck with balancing wife kids and hunting. Mine is a gem, deals with me and my shenanigans and watches the two baby girls, often bringing them to scouting or truck camp! She hunts too!
  5. Sharp Stick Slinger

    2023 Montana Mule Deer

    You're not going to gain many followers with that outfit. Nice buck, congrats
  6. Sharp Stick Slinger

    Great Season already!

    Nice buck
  7. Sharp Stick Slinger

    2023 Montana deer

    Some dandy bucks for sure. Congrats to all
  8. Sharp Stick Slinger

    Killed my best whitetail so far this morning

    Congrats. Can't pass them up like that!
  9. Sharp Stick Slinger

    Wyoming Elk Hunt

    Sounds like time well spent. I'm guessing this was a general season tag? How would you rate the hunting pressure? We pulled our WY general apps this year after drawing coveted NM tag... So just curious.
  10. Sharp Stick Slinger

    First bull!!

    Congrats on an OTC bull. And many good meals too.