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  1. mtnkid85

    'Yotes: What to do with carcusses when pelts have little value?

    If you know anyone with beetles for skull cleaning they are often looking for dead critters to keep their bugs alive in the off seasons.
  2. mtnkid85

    SB 442 - Habitat and Access or go directly to it here.
  3. mtnkid85

    SB 442 - Habitat and Access

    I cant think of a clearer example of political gamesmanship taking priority over the wishes of the constituency than this right here. Outrageous.
  4. mtnkid85

    Montana Mule Deer Mismanagement

    Yep, I got selected too!
  5. mtnkid85

    Montana - Time to Shake it Up?

    Anyone in this thread who hasn't checked out the mule deer working group's work put together by WAFWA really should. They have some incredible information they put out and several easily digestible "fact sheets" on all most all of the topics being discussed here. Including this one on...
  6. mtnkid85

    About danged time

    If you'd rather save a few bucks, you can come over and we can light off some fireworks in your face and Ill smack you with an aluminum bat. You'll get the same shooting experience and have about the same chance of hitting whatever you are pointing at.
  7. mtnkid85

    Garmin Chronograph?

    Just the size factor and ease of setup make them worth while. I now just keep it in my normal range bag.
  8. mtnkid85

    Google Bot Data Mined Super-Fund Site

    Like you said the quotas ensure we aren't taking enough animals to have population level impacts, even if they're both 41/2 year olds. I certainly cant say for sure what the difference between a legal 41/2 yo and a sub legal 41/2yo, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was the mothers body fat and...
  9. mtnkid85

    Mule Deer Foundation Dinner - Missoula

    Im going to come over to support this one this year!
  10. mtnkid85

    Mule Deer Foundation Dinner - Missoula

    I haven't made the MDF banquet, but sounds spot on with the others Ive made it to, WSF and RMEF, etc. Also your correct, about half the entertainment is watching the "well lubricated" folks blow money at the auctions, lol! Oh well its for a good cause, right?
  11. mtnkid85

    Spend my money on a chronograph

    Yep the Garmin is a sweet little setup. I replaced my original Caldwell with it this year. Easy to setup, so compact I just keep it in my range bag so its always with me. I don't have alot of use with it yet but so far its been reliable too. Really happy with it.
  12. mtnkid85

    Montana Resident MSG Free Lottery

    Well, this thread is turning out better than I had imagined! lol
  13. mtnkid85

    Stafford Ferry CE

    Well stated.
  14. mtnkid85

    Quilt Gang - Pad Ratings

    It sounds like you're thinking about this in kind of an odd way. Your pad insulation isn't going to make your quilt any warmer and vise versa. The quilt is insulating you from the air above and the pad is insulating you from the ground below. As your nights get colder, you'll need to bolster...
  15. mtnkid85

    Fwp December commission meeting

    Well stated Eric, What I fear is, like Eric stated, the majority of MT residents and even MT hunters don't pay attention to the commission, game management in general etc. But they do know they aint gonna vote for NO flimflamming (insert whatever party letter here)! Its abundantly clear hunt...
  16. mtnkid85

    Montana - Time to Shake it Up?

    When we have directives to "simplify" our seasons, regulations, boundaries for the benefit of people who seemingly are unable to read regulations, it becomes even more daunting to consider this idea. Further more placing any sort of restriction on turning our animals into profit is beyond this...
  17. mtnkid85

    Montana deer questions

    High 150/low 160s, 21-22" wide, 4pt with brow tines, nice buck. Probably not going to shoot him. I don't need to shoot another buck like that, Ill fill my freezer with a cow elk if I need/want more meat.
  18. mtnkid85

    SB 442 - Habitat and Access

    Is there a way to listen in?
  19. mtnkid85

    Possible Change to Montana Unlimited Sheep

    Wow, Im... kinda glad... to see this coming up. As has been stated, it is a bit of a mystery just how many UL sheep hunters there are every year. Between drawing the license, OTC and who actually is showing up to hunt it. But it does seem to be growing in popularity with more folks showing up...
  20. mtnkid85

    New Mexico Audad

    Sounds like you made it, hopefully you are all settled in and looking over Rams today. Good luck out there!

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