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  1. AZ402

    AZ Archery Speedgoats

    Congrats man! Nice assist Tom!
  2. AZ402

    First Deer

  3. AZ402

    It's been awhile...

  4. AZ402

    Arizona Muzzleloader Muley

  5. AZ402

    Arizona Muzzleloader Muley

    T/C Omega with 150grs of Hodgon's pellets and a 250gr Barnes T-EZ bullets.
  6. AZ402

    Arizona Muzzleloader Muley

    Thanks, I was solo so all I used my backpack as a rest for my phone, lol. This is the only angle I could get.
  7. AZ402

    Arizona Muzzleloader Muley

    Congrats man!
  8. AZ402

    Arizona Muzzleloader Muley

    That's a fact!
  9. AZ402

    Arizona Muzzleloader Muley

    Throughout the hunt, I continued to see younger bucks. The rut activity was minimal ( should be going by next week). This is only a 7 day hunt. As the 7th morning rolled around, my standards of huge dropped to huge, or an older age class buck. With about an hour of daylight left, this old...
  10. AZ402

    Arizona Muzzleloader Muley

    I knew going in, this hunt could be tough. It was a tough hunt, in regards to finding the real big bucks this unit can hold. I passed several bucks in this class, hoping for a mature to buck to pop up.
  11. AZ402

    Pronghorn 2020

  12. AZ402


  13. AZ402

    Pronghorn 2020

    They're about as fun as it gets!
  14. AZ402

    Pronghorn 2020

    The next morning Buzz, Pat and I headed out looking for something big or something cool. We once again looked at a large number of bucks, none were big, a couple were cool but small. We stopped and glassed a herd of does. I didn't see a buck but Buzz did and he was close and he was cool. He...
  15. AZ402

    Pronghorn 2020

    These are some of the funnest animals to hunt, hands down. This was my buddy Pat's first Pronghorn hunt, he's now hooked for life. We were fortunate enough to be joined by Buzz for the first few days. Buzz and I have spent quiet a few days hunting together over the last 18 years between...
  16. AZ402

    Elk .... Let's see them!!!

    Solid bull Hoodster!
  17. AZ402

    Speedy tall kid

    That's awesome Kurt!
  18. AZ402

    Arizona Archery Javelina 2020

    2020 started off good with an opening morning Javelina. Fast forward to this weekend when my wife was able to get out. She filled her tag this Saturday morning, with a great boar and a great shot!
  19. AZ402

    My son's Arizona Giant

  20. AZ402

    Long bomb ram, CO


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