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  1. publichunter1

    2024 Colorado Statewide Sheep, Mountain Goat, and Pronghorn Raffles

    Your welcome for another donation to all the raffles. :ROFLMAO:
  2. publichunter1

    New member from WV

    Welcome from WY!
  3. publichunter1

    Grouse! Let’s See Them

    I still have yet to kill one with a gun as I haven't hunted them with a gun but love picking them off in the mountains chasing elk with a bow. I have caught a couple by hand. I did kill my first sage grouse with a bow this year as well.
  4. publichunter1

    Colorado Help

    Welcome and I hope you both actually have a great hunt this fall. I have hunted archery there several times but never rifle. I would just buy and OTC tag and go on a road trip exploring the state. Look at the travel corridors on the CPW hunt map and then it's all up to the weather and the pressure.
  5. publichunter1

    2023 plans for sept

    Good luck this fall. I hope you have a blast!
  6. publichunter1

    Wyoming Elk Part 3

    Thanks for sharing. Congrats on the elk!
  7. publichunter1

    2022 Elk

    Thanks for sharing. Glad it worked out for you!
  8. publichunter1

    Son's first deer

    Awesome. Congrats!
  9. publichunter1

    2023 AZ Javelina Double

    Awesome. Congrats!
  10. publichunter1

    Quick Wyo Sheep Hunt

    I love being efficient. Good stuff. Congrats!
  11. publichunter1

    Deer hunting offer from the UK

    I hope y'all have a great time and don't forget to share the stories/photos.
  12. publichunter1

    publichunter1 2022 Season Recap (Just in time to entice WY NRs to put in :) )

    There was lots of shoveling for sure. Thankfully we had another tractor to help pull too.
  13. publichunter1

    Arizona excursion 2023

    Make it happen captain!
  14. publichunter1

    publichunter1 2022 Season Recap (Just in time to entice WY NRs to put in :) )

    @RyGuy We both agreed. We saw some better bucks but we both loved the look of that guy. It helped he was rutted up and let my wife get in close. @Hilljackoutlaw this one is just for you Not only was the cow elk my first ever rifle elk but also my first private land elk. Trying to get some elk...
  15. publichunter1

    publichunter1 2022 Season Recap (Just in time to entice WY NRs to put in :) )

    So yeah I dropped the ball on updating my hunts after the antelope hunt. Between a busy hunting season and starting a new job I just really didn't have enough time to get on here much. If you missed the antelope hunt you can find it here...
  16. publichunter1

    Found another good one....

    Nice buck. Congrats!

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