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    Rimfire Rifle Recommendations

    I agree. I've got 2 of them and they both shoot incredibly well. The only thing I dislike about them is the 10 round magazine shape and the fact that it sticks so far out the bottom of the stock right where it balances. I bought a couple of 5 round magazines that are flush with the stock, and...
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    MTN TOUGH - 50+ Preseason Prep

    I started doing Mtn Tough MGDs a year ago based on some hunt talkers feedback. I’ve really enjoyed the training that goes along with the workouts. I listened to The Jocko Willink podcast on my way down to take my son to an appointment this morning and they announced your workouts during that...
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    Cool Gadget

    I shot a pistol match and the guy next to me had one. I was asking questions about it, so he set it up on my target. So stinking simple! Literally picked it up and moved it to my shooting position. MIT recorded the first 30 shots without missing any before I gave it back to him. I was really...
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    A little humour for your day

    “Staying Alive”. Could be worse.
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    Fully guided Elk hunt or Braces?

    My kids were only like 6 or 7 years old when they had them. Way too young looking back, but sounds like yours is at a better age. Good luck to you and your daughter.
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    Fully guided Elk hunt or Braces?

    How old are your kids? Our insurance covered braces once per lifetime per person. Our kids were little when some ortho convinced my wife the kids needed braces. We argued, and of course she won. They were too young, imo, and their teeth kept moving as they grew. I think they could have...
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    Spend my money on a chronograph

    There’s a published article online written comparing chronographs by Bryan Litz that I’d recommend. Bryan is a real life rocket engineer that worked for NASA, and is now the chief ballistician for Berger bullets. The article is pretty interesting. After reading, I bought a magnetospeed based...
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    I'll take these. Thanks, Neil
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    Velocity with gas checks?

    I just got home a bit ago and pulled out my Lyman cast bullet handbook. There’s a 115 grain Lyman bullet that’s 30 cal and uses a gas check, but it’s identified as a 30 m1 carbine bullet. Max loads for that bullet in an m1 carbine are just over 1800. The lightest cast bullet with gas check for...
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    Velocity with gas checks?

    Do you know what bullet or mold it is? The Lyman cast bullet book may have some loads for it that might give you an idea of acceptable velocities.
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    New 30-06 barrel???

    I assume you're in Wisconsin based on your name. Randy Gregory from Accuracy Unlimited has made several new barrels for my Palma gun, and has reprofiled them as well for me. He really does great work and is in Medford, WI.
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    .44 Mag Shotshells

    Is there a number on that die? I’m not finding it with my quick google searches.
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    Ruger Red Label 12 guage

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    Upland 20 gauge recommendations

    You have to let the bolt slam shut to ensure it would fire. If you wanted to slowly close the bolt to limit noise, it wouldn't go off. If you wanted to verify you have a round in the chamber, you couldn't just open the bolt partially. I think it's referred to as the 'Benelli click' that would...
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    Upland 20 gauge recommendations

    I have one of these in 20 gauge, and several 12 gauges. They have been incredibly reliable for me, and I like them very much. i sold my Benellis after being seriously disappointed - I’ll never have another inertia gun. I had M2s and Vincis.
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    Treestand Gear Hooks

    My son loves that thing. I did not care for it.
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    My birdfriend's back and they're gonna be in trouble (Hey la, hey la, my birdfriend's back)

    I'm going to miss these posts and your adventures with Roach. I found it interesting and really enjoyed what you've shared. Thank you! Neil
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    Meopta Optoika6 Experience

    One more comment, if I recall correctly the Optika 6 was pretty heavy compared to some similar size/power hunting scopes. Not ideal for a lightweight rig at all, but for my use weight was not a concern.
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    Meopta Optoika6 Experience

    I have an Optika 6 I shoot on my match rifle. Typical 'cross the course' matches are fired at 200, 300, and 600 yards and I've shot a few mid range matches at 600 yards. Tracking and zero have been repeatable which is super important as we dial elevation up and down as we change yard lines. I...
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