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  1. fowladdict

    Keep it Public

    What do you guys know about this organization? I see they are a partner with BHA. Is this another organization anyone is getting behind? Anyone know what this organization is doing that BHA isn't?
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    Friday music - current mood

    It has been a long week.
  3. fowladdict

    Idaho Fee Increase Proposal I think it is overdue. At least for resident fees.
  4. fowladdict

    WTB Your vintage fishing lures

    Anyone have any vintage fishing lures they are willing to part with? I'm not looking for your great grandfather's super expensive collectible lures. I'm looking to get about a dozen more assorted lures to finish a display I'm working on for a gift (not Christmas). Lures with a box would be a...
  5. fowladdict

    Friday tunes...taking it all the way back to high school

    Where I listened to everything from Alabama to Pearl jam to Beastie Boys to Coolio Here you go Alabama Pearl Jam
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    Kudos to Wyoming G&F

    A good family friend (Steve) has been applying to Wyoming for Moose prior to the inception of a bonus point system. He finally drew this year with his max points. Steve is a favorite among his local deputies to be on their volunteer search and rescue missions. He is a hell of a hunter, almost 70...
  7. fowladdict

    Idaho OIL

    Results are up...good luck. No sheep for me.
  8. fowladdict

    Idaho OIL Apps

    Who is in? You have until the 30th! I'm in for CA Bighorn.
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    Friday Music - Something different

    Any of you man enough to admit which gal in the music industry always makes you feel warm and fuzzy when you see her on a video or hear her on the radio?? Here is mine. :o
  10. fowladdict

    Throwback Thread - Hunttalk almost 10 years ago I stumbled on to this thread this morning. A short, but pretty good read to see what the minds of Hunttalkers were thinking a decade ago. It has it all....Don Peay, SFW, RMEF, federal land management and...
  11. fowladdict

    Those Darn Two-legged wolves This one is great just for the comments section.
  12. fowladdict

    Mule Deer Migration

    I thought this video was was worth the time
  13. fowladdict

    Another wolf article

    I appreciated this one.
  14. fowladdict

    Hey Texas boys!!!

    Missing some shots of the pretty wimmen you have there, but enjoy!!
  15. fowladdict

    Amish Mafia

    Since the ad pops up every time I open this site and the MM site, I figured I would ask...Anyone watch this show? I tried watching that show a couple of times, seemed very scripted and, well, dumb . The fat guy looks like he is ticked off because somebody took his donut. I'd rather watch sister...
  16. fowladdict

    New prey on the wolf menu
  17. fowladdict

    Try this new search engine the next time you search for On Your Own Adventures

    Go to and do a search for On Your Own Adventures. Check out the title name and all of the text in the links. Pretty funny. I think some of you will have fun with this search engine. Its gangsta yo!
  18. fowladdict

    Rifle Advice - .308 Ruger Scout

    In the last couple of years my father-in-law has tagged along with me on a couple of elk and deer hunting trips. He has decided that he is ready to commit to purchasing a rifle of his own. He is the type that likes to spend time researching and analyzing things before making a purchase. He asked...
  19. fowladdict

    Sidearm advice

    I have been wanting a sidearm for a while. Can anyone tell me about the Smith & Wesson .45 4566? Is it a good sidearm to carry? A co-worker has one that he is looking to sell. He said he would let it go for 400.
  20. fowladdict

    Noharley did you see this?

    I bet it was quite the adrenaline rush for the new hunter.